What Happened To Being All About Your Family On The Holidays?

Now that the holidays are over, I can finally ask this question? Is it just me or does the holidays suck now?! Haha


Christmas feels a little odd since I’ve gotten older. I don’t know if it’s because as a child I wasn’t consciously aware of everything going on around me or if it’s really changing.  I no longer get that merry feeling I once did as a child when the season approaches. This Christmas eve, I literally asked myself, “Am I suppose to feel odd about Christmas, especially the day before on Christmas Eve?”

Everything I do is different from when I use to feel the Christmas spirit. Everything I see is the same, but the feeling behind what I know as “christmassy” is different. Even as I speak to my friends, it feels like another average day. Only thing that’s different is the fact everyone’s giving people stuff, and it doesn’t feel like people want to do it. Christmas feels like a season people must participate in because we’ve been doing it for years. That’s not cool.


The way I remember this holiday growing up is with pure tenderness, happiness, and love. My family spent every Christmas together. I woke up way before dawn Christmas day, excited to open presents from all the people I loved, with the people I loved, and every evening I saw more people I loved during our traditional Christmas dinner.

This Christmas was weird. I mean, I asked my mom and sister would we be having Christmas dinner this year, and nobody knew. I asked two days ahead of time, too. They couldn’t tell me. That’s was odd and unusual because we usually know at least that. So I assumed I wasn’t the only person feeling odd.

I even had to work Christmas day. That’s nothing new but it puts the icing on the cake when you realize your family’s doing things differently this year.

I came across an article while searching the web from blog site, On Being.org titled “Why I Don’t Do Christmas” by Krista Tippett. I found it while looking for people who might have similar thoughts about the holidays as I. Krista hits it right on the nose with her explanation for why she doesn’t like Christmas anymore.

Krista isn’t participating in the Christmas as we know it for many of reasons this year. To her, the holiday has become senseless. It’s all about money and reward. People are more selfish with thoughts of what they think they deserves during the season and not seeking solely to make someone happy. Days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday represents corporate businesses way of turning Christmas into an economic relief. The ole mighty dollar has become the country’s savior.

Christmas doesn’t seem so sweet and I believe it’s because the meaning is withering away from us. Krista isn’t far from figuring it out for her family.

What Christmas Means To Me

When I think of Christmas, I think of happiness, togetherness, genuine generosity, and love. These are all things I rarely see on a daily basis. That’s why Christmas means more to me than any other holiday. But if the day is suddenly losing its meaning, what’s the point?! Our point should be to celebrate the birth of the world’s savior, but without these principles it becomes really hard to create a better world to live in and its purpose slowly disappears.

As a record for myself and to the many of you who care about Christmas too, I wanted to remind everyone what each principle stands for during this season and why they’re important.

Happiness means contentment and joy. It’s contagious. Someone who is always happy can spark curiosity in someone who’s seeking to be happy. A happy person has to ability to uplift any atmosphere. In the world today, we’re lacking that high-spirited person who’ll promote hope, wonder, and change. Instead, the world rather enforce the harsh truth plainly. Hopefulness should embark in our children’s future but with all this “reality” going on, I fear that if I ask a child about what they’d picture life to be in five years, they’d take what they’d picture on television as a depiction of what will happen for them.

That’s really depressing to hear because I see a lot of ignore ish on TV. *cough cough” (Love & Hip-Hop, Bad Girls Club, and any of the Housewives of such and such).

Ask a child what they’re looking forward to for Christmas, and they’ll probably tell you a new cell phone or tablet. They’re not seeking to spent it with the people they love. The first thing they’re thinking about is their gifts. It’s more common to hear their mom or dad has to work Christmas day, too. Forget about togetherness. They need to chase the olé mighty dollars because they spent their last trying to show their love through buying materialistic things to keep their kids happy.

Togetherness induces warm affection and tenderness. It makes a person feel needed and wanted. Without togetherness on Christmas, the holiday seems much colder and lonely. That also is depressing.

As far as genuine generosity goes, I rarely see it at all. Holidays have turned into a person’s duty. People don’t seem like they’re doing things because they truly want to anymore. It’s like they partake in the festivities because it’s a habit or reward. It’s instinct to do something because someone else will be doing it, too. People buy gifts because others are buying gifts for them. People seek for self first and the holidays are far from being about yourself.

All these notions are connected and each sparks off the other. They all are connected to the final principle, love. The more people become selfish, the less we feel loved. Love is sacrifice. Love is patience. Love is kindness. Love is generous. Love is tenderness and happiness. It’s putting someone before yourself. It’s showing what your soul looks like. So without all these principles we lack a soul, compassion, and all things that are important in making Christmas really feel like the Jesus’ Birthday.

Love on Christmas

How can we bring love back?

We have to step away from our selfish needs first and choose to think about others. It can be as small as having a 15 minute conversation with someone we love. Those 15 minutes can be the beginning of sharing togetherness, which could possible spark of working to improve other principles. It starts small then gradually expands into something greater and better. We can work on it together and turn any holiday into a day that’s meant to show pure, genuine love.

Who’s down to do that?

How do you feel about the holidays? Do you think people care enough about the holidays to try to change it for the better? Leave your comments below.

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App of the Week: Happier

Darn-it! I’m so angry. I’m so sad! What am I going to do next? I’m so anxious! We catch ourselves saying  these statements and questions when we don’t like something that’s going on in our lives. Wouldn’t you like something that helps you take your mind off life’s negativity? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? I’ve found an app that does some justice indeed.

Happier App

What does this app do?

According to the iTunes App Store:

“Happier makes you, well, happier!

Happier is a simple and beautiful way to collect happy moments you find in every day, share them with close friends and family, and be reminded to do more of what makes you happier.

It’s inspired by research which shows focusing on the positive and sharing good things with people you care about makes you happier and healthier.

* Capture & collect happy moments. Happy moments can be tiny, like eating something you enjoy, getting an email from a friend, or a hug from your kids.

* Make your close friends and family smile. Feeling positive is contagious in the best way. When you share happy moments with friends and family you help brighten up their day and inspire them to notice the good moments in their lives.

* Discover what makes you happier. See which experiences make you feel good and be encouraged to do them more often.”

What makes you Happy?

According to Doc:

The app allows you to share your happy moments with friends. Duh! It’s simply sharing a happy status. Your happies,or happy moments, are put in categories and are counted so that you’ll know how many things make you happy. It’s starts you off with a goal of three happies for you to share, but you’re not limit to that. The aim is to experience as many happy moments as you can. But by giving you three, it motivates you to recognize that at least three things good happened to you that day and that’s something to feel great about.

Where can I get this App?

iTune’s App Store

How much does this App cost?


Would I use this app?

I use this app, especially! I love it. People are always so jolly and peachy about what’s going on in their life. It motivates you to do something that makes you happy so that you may post it on the app to share. It’s really something out there that’s suggesting to people to do something gratifying for themselves. I definitely promote it.

Download Happier (it’s completely free) and start collecting the happy moments in your life!


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Doc’s Picture Hunt: Week 3: June 21

This Week’s Search:

  • Happiness
  • Powerful
  • Sexiness

Isn’t it a great feeling when you just feel good?! It makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. This’s weeks search is for those people who are feeling great about themselves. If you’re feeling happy, powerful, and/or sexy, this is you week to show everyone. Take pictures of things that are making you feel this way and share it with the world. Let everyone at Doc’s Castle Media know why you feel good!

Doc’s Picture Hunt Rules:

  1. All pictures that you take must be your own pictures. (Don’t go in google just stealing pictures. That ain’t right lol)
  2. When entering your photo in a chance to be shared on Doc’s Castle Media, you must tag @EhhWassupDoc_, #DocPictureHunt and what your picture represents on both Instagram and Twitter for us to see it. If your page is private, we will not be able to see the photos . Please take out the time to consider that.
  3. Do not enter explicit photos. We will not post them on Doc’s Castle Media.
  4. All Pictures that you enter must be in by Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at 12 noon to be considered on Doc’s Castle Media next blog for Doc’s Picture Hunt.
  5. Remember, this is about how you perceive the world. There is no winner to this hunt. Just have fun!

What does Google believe these words to be?







That Picture of Michael Jackson actually came up a lot when searching sexiness.

Ytube Vid of the Week: Chris Rock and Wealth

What’s important to me in this video that it Chris is really talking about something people have a lot of problems realizing. I believe it’s important to think about the position that you are in. Are you happy with it? If your happy with it, then you are fine. But do not walk around complaining about where you stand when you are in charge of what you put yourself. If you wish to be wealthy, learn the difference between wealth and being rich and go with what’s going to make you feel good about where you stand. I’m heading for a wealthy life and I value that more than just being rich. I pray that others around me work for the same.