Help a Homeless Brother or Sister Out

It’s been a cold and brutal winter for me. It’s like that for many of us with record-breaking temperatures dropping around the country like crazy. It makes you think it’s another ice age coming. Sheesh.

Temperatures in Baltimore are surprising alone during this week with it expecting to reach 0 degrees Thursday night, February 19, 2015.


I have to travel home from work in that BS!

In times like these, there lacks warm shelter for thousands of people living in poverty. The Mayor’s Office Human Resources states “It is estimated that there are 2,638 men, women, and children who are homeless in Baltimore on any given night.” That’s a lot of people and to think some of these people are literally out here sleeping in the streets! It’s very saddening.


There are people and organizations willing to do anything to somehow make a difference in our homeless brothers and sisters’ lives. One person I’ve notice who’s making his imprint in Baltimore is Chonan Bell.


from Chonan Bell Facebook profile

Bell has picked up a buzz this week as his mission has spread tremendously through word of mouth on social media. He and his friends have taken the initiative in helping put homeless people, who he sees living on the streets, in a shelter, even if that shelter needs be in a tent.

I contacted Bell about the 411 on what he’s doing around our city. He says:

“I don’t know honestly. Lol. I mean…I drive pass people everyday on my way home and it’s cold as h*** outside. I know everyone can’t get into a shelter, nor do they want to go to a shelter, so a tent could provide some type of shelter from the elements even if it’s just rain or the wind.”

You don’t need to know Chonan! You’re doing an awesome act of kindness! We need more people like you around.

Bell leaves room for others who’d like to get involved in what he’s doing, too. He’s picking up and delivering tent orders from people unable to make those frigid runs themselves. Here’s how you can get involved…


  1. Order a $20 tent online from
  2. Select ship to store for the Arbutus location on Washington Blvd.
  3. Designate Chonan Bell as the pickup person.
  4. Email Bell at to let him know you’ve ordered your tent
  5. You’ve helped someone out!

Also, Ms. Kia Sample, female Baltimore hip-hop artist and 2014 Baltimore Music Awards Nominee, posted two numbers for contact on her Instagram account this week. If you see anyone in Baltimore City or County on these streets during these harsh cold nights, make sure to pick up your phone and dial these numbers. Someone will transport that person somewhere safe and warm out of these inclement weather.

Baltimore Homeless Pickup Number

from Kia Sample Instagram


Do you know of any other people assisting the homeless around Baltimore? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out some dope Kia Sample music below.

#TakeAStand Baltimore

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

It’s important to stay positive at all times. It helps fuel the drive you have to progress to a better you. It pushes you towards a new level of living that could create a better lifestyle and it makes you feel great by improving your self-confidence. Being positive can take you places you’ve never thought you’d have the ability to reach.

Recently, there has been plenty acts of kindness I’ve seen towards homeless people on my Facebook time line. It’s nice seeing some of my friends stepping up to show that they care about other people’s circumstances.

One of those thoughtful Facebook friends of mine is Derrick Craddock. I’ve known Derrick for a while now. I use to be a contributing writer for his former entertainment blog The Dope Delivery. So I’ve always known about his dedication and drive to becoming something more. He’s definitely someone I know who has gone through something traumatic but is strong enough to come out on top. That’s why I needed to share this video with everyone. Derrick is doing something that’s definitely worth some rewarding attention that this city should be proud of.

Derrick spent his birthday making others happy. What people usually expect for someone to do on their birthday is spend time participating in an activity for their personal gain and happiness. In this video, he’s proven the truth behind happiness; happiness is making others happy.

This video has such a positive message. I’m glad Derrick did this and shared it on YouTube. It means we can all share this positivity and maybe encourage someone new to show how they care for someone else. What can you do to receive happiness and share positivity?

I want to do a good deed by sharing positivity through this blog post. I want share my positive words. So here it goes…Stay positive when times are tough. Ignore all negativity. It may seem like you are at your lowest but you have to remember that there are people who are worse off than you. You’re even blessed when you don’t realize it. I believe in good karma and the people who put in the efforts to do good for others will have good things happen for them. Derrick will receive his good karma soon. You can, too.

There are many other good deeds being done by others around Baltimore. If you know of any deeds worth sharing about, leave them in the comments below.

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