Hip-hop is indeed a culture that captivates every soul at least once in a lifetime. But man, can it get to be so damn corny.

This week’s YTube Vid of the Week comes from a random stumble upon while scrolling my Facebook timeline, and not browsing YouTube as I normally do. I was reading an article about Disney princesses on Buzzfeed (don’t ask haha) when I suddenly see a headline that caught my eye regarding two generations of Disney goddesses battle rap for the win. What win? I don’t know. See the ridiculous video below.

The Internet is interesting isn’t it? Can you believe there are more princess rap battles on YouTube? All I can say is the mind is amazing because I never know what motivates people to make some videos. Haha.

Who do you think won this battle? Obviously, it was Elsa, but leave your comments below.

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VOTE NOW for the Baltimore Music Awards Nominees


The polls are now OPEN.

I want you guys to know that your participation in this voting process truly matters!

There are many folks like me who want to reward talented people who strive to get recognition for their artwork. Diamond K has put a lot of effort in creating an annual celebration in the Baltimore hip-hop scene. This year is the 4th Annual Baltimore Music Awards, here to honor all those hardworking and very talented artists and entrepreneurs for their great contributions to hip-hop culture.

If you take the time to cast your ballot and spread the word about any of the music awards ceremonies I’ve shared to Doc’s Castle Media, you are making the conscious decision to improve the way people view the DMV. We can make a difference with the attention and participation of the masses. So take your time voting for who you believe deserves each award. Research who you see. Listen to some of their work. Be active, not idle, in the decision to put this region on the map.

Vote NOW!


VOTE now!


Sign The Petition Against WERQ-FM’s Local Artist Airplay Time Slots

I know many may say they don’t listen to the radio anymore. But when you do want to listen to something new, what do you prefer? Do you listen to the local DJs on your cities radio station or do you listen to Spotify and Pandora? In the case of Baltimore, do you listen to 92Q or WMSK Online Radio?

I still listen to the radio. But it’s not my primary choice for new music. Whenever I feel the urge to listen to something new, I find myself running to soundcloud or YouTube rather the radio because the radio plays the same songs too often. When will the music gods ever change that? Honestly, does this city care enough to want to change how we hear new music?

We moan and groan about why our local radio stations refuse to play local artists music for our community to hear and support, but won’t make a difference about it. What’s going on here? Nothing is adding up. Someone’s making an effort, for sure. We’re just so blind to what’s happening in our community that we’ve overlook it. I’ve come across a petition,which entire purpose is to stop WERQ from playing only industry crap during the hours of 6am to 12am, and mix up the music selection with more local/independent artists during those time slots.

The Petition was created by Catherine Moran, and this woman makes a very good point for why we, as music lovers, should sign in agreement for changing when WERQ should play independent music.


Allot 1/3 of their playlist to local Baltimore artist between the hours of 8 a.m. & 6pm daily. Songs should be chosen by the people NOT the PDs, Asst PD, or DJs. There needs to be a voting poll via 3rd party site example “” where the results can be viewed by the public with real-time updates, to insure radio staff are not fooling people.

For too long our radio station has put on this front calling themselves the “People’s Station” when in fact they are not helping our “People (local talent)” at all. Every time you turn around they are creating more and more ridiculous policies to discourage artist from trying to get on radio, and justify shutting them out. This needs to end today.


I already signed the petition. I want local artist to have more opportunities to shine. I want the city to be behind this because many of Baltimore residents claim there is never a time where we have a voice. If we could rally up more people to sign this petition, we face a chance in being recognized as another city full of very talented people with the potential to go as far as anyone who may come from New York, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. We can make this happen!

Do you think this petition can be the starting point for big change in the music industry? Leave you comments below.

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