Doc’s Thumbs Up: Boutzie “Intoxico” ft. Jimmy Apoet & FLuX

Baltimore artist Boutzie arrives on the indie music scene with her new single “Intoxico,” a track meant to show the woes of partaking in the various choices of recreational activity.

Indeed, this isn’t your ordinary turn up “let’s pop a molly” type of hip-hop song. Many tracks I come across usually praises the “glorious” life of drugs and living in the fast lane. But this submission doesn’t quite get you hopping out your seat ready to twerk or even imagine yourself in a room full of “Thots” ready to “pop-off,” like an average 2 Chainz song. Instead, it inflicts a self-conscious feeling. Thoughts like ‘why do I even do this drug or condone this behavior’ pops in your head while listening to it.

With lines like ‘Oh it’s murder, the conceivable thoughts that’s unheard of…,’ I’m unsure if I’m suppose to feel a little dark inside for wanting to take that shot of Jose I commonly do.

Sheeeeeesh. Should I chill or what? *Pours shot down kitchen sink drain*

Intoxico features Baltimore artist Jimmy Apoet and Baltimore artist and producer FLuX, both very talented emcees and previously highlighted on Doc’s Castle Media. With a talented group like this coming together to spread common awareness in this very unique way, a person could already tell this may even spark a movement.

So…Where does Boutzie come from?


This isn’t the first time Miss Boutzie has graced Doc’s Castle Media presence. Last February, she was featured as a Baltimore Blogger in my 2014 Blogger’s Rundown Series as the inspiring Briana Ragler, and what a surprise to see she has another hidden talent. Girl can sing?!?! Who knew?


Thumbs Up:

I love the eery feeling that comes from hearing “Intoxico.” Though it makes me question my lifestyle, its “read between the lines” call to action is rewarding not only to me, but also in generation that prides itself in doing illegal and very questionable recreational activities. With depicting the dark truths of how being intoxicated can overtake your body in mesmerizing, without a care, sense, maybe there is a chance to push these unconscious motives that I have for the song in others; subconsciously just suck the “turn up” out of their little unruly bodies.

I sound like I’m 75 years old. Believe, I do turn up. *cough cough*

Let’s be for real here. If more artists can take part in pushing songs like this, people would walk around second guessing what they do for fun. It might not be a guarantee to resist but it leave space to ponder. I like when people are made to think.

This new sound from Boutzie makes me anticipate what the visuals, if there should be any, may look like for this eerie track. I see darkness, lots of slow motion shots, and maybe a creepy church bell? I guess, we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think about this song? Leave your comments below.

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Spike Lee Needs Your Music For His Film

Spike Lee is creating a new Brooklyn film and will be needing you’re music! Da Sweet Blood of Jesus will feature independent and unsigned hip-hop and R&B music. Half of you all ears just perked up.


Spotted on XXL Magazine, and also tipped from a blogger I follow on Instagram, it was brought to my attention this awesome opportunity. I thought to share the information needed to submit to this legendary director. All you’ll need to do is send in a mp3 of your music to with the following information:

Artist Name
Music By
Produced By
Length of Track
Phone Number

If my word is too good to be true, you can find the original post here. You have until February 28th to submit.

Don’t forget, you can submit to be featured on Doc’s Castle Media to have the chance at being a Music Highlight. We love the productivity so keep striving!

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The Music Highlight: Shockwave “Hands Up”


Shockwave is a christian Hip Hop artist from Baltimore City. He makes music  for a generation in great need for a subject many people haven’t heard or are unaware about. He’s a servant to the Lord.

Shockwave first got into music at the age of 16 as a beatboxer and has written music for over 12 years. A huge motivation for Shockwave to pursue a career in christian rap  has been the death of a friend. When his friend died, he decided to turn his poems into the christian music people hear today.

At the age of 13, Shockwave turned his life to Jesus Christ and was saved, but still went through the struggles of the streets to wake up and truly do his service for God. Meanwhile, God showed him a better way to rap, while being heard and saving lost souls at the same time.  Shockwave musical influences are Mos Def, Common, Talib Kweli, MaryMary, Fred Hammond, and Tye Tribbert.  He believes through Jesus his music will bring you closer to him and uplift your spirits.  With using Unsigned, Soundcloud, and his personal Facebook page, God has bless him to be able to open doors for himself and many others.

So listen up, let God bless your ears, and enjoy the ride.

Download “Hands Up” on SoundCloud. If you would like to get in contact with Shockwave for a collab, or listen to more of his music, like Shockwave on Facebook or find him or

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