Pharaoh Slumzyniah Produces Fire With Release of 2nd Underground Album “No Role Models, No Rules”

This week, Baltimore native Pharaoh Slumzyniah released his second underground album No Roles Models, No Rules and reveals that embracing your dark side can be quite cultivating, too. He further introduces to the world a new type of hip-hop, which he calls menace rap, a new style of music that has no regards to what society expects. It’s an album geared entirely to “not giving any f*%@s.”

NoRoleModels No Rules Cover

No Role Models, No Rules was set to release Saturday, November 15, 2014. Unfortunately, the anticipated underground album was delayed an additional 3 days building more anticipation for Slumzy fans. But despite the contrary, the album still exceeded fans’ expectations, and has proven a bigger and better composition than his previous discography .

The album is composed of 18 somber, but still upbeat, tracks that, though may get you pondering whether you should be nodding your head or seeking to drown in your sorrows, will have you dancing nonetheless.


To name a few artists who have been featured on the Pharaoh’s new mixtape are War Drumz Audio artists FLuX, Leon Dominick, Quinn Shabaz and Based rap artists Lor Bluntz and Hazmat Caz.

Experimental sounds of dubstep, old school, westcoast, and hardcore hip-hop influenced and blended together on No Role Models No Rules to create an exquisitely composed masterpiece. Majority of the album’s producer credits comes from Pharaoh Slumzyniah, himself, as Slumzy along with Exclusive Orchestra, Def Starz, The Marvel, Clyde Strokes, Xeno Carr and other talented producers, including Baltimore and War Drumz Audio Art artist Tony Bonez Sinatra.

“Thumbs Up” Tracks

My favorite tracks on No Role Models, No Rules are “Fall of Pete” featuring Hazmat Caz and “Cypress Hill” featuring Lor Bluntz & FLuX.

“Fall of Pete” is a song that’ll place you in nostalgia of west coast rap. Do you remember Snoop Dogg’s “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” The instrumental will have you thinking the music video should be set in a neighborhood similar to East Compton. I wonder if that’s something to look forward to from Mr. Slumzyniah, hmm?

“Cypress Hill” is a pothead’s anthem and we just don’t get enough of those, right? Depicted from three perspectives, the listener gets the inside to how the infamous Mary Jane comforts and provides remedy while they all float their way to solace on cloud nine.

No Role Models, No Rules is now available for download on Be sure to get your copy today! (CLICK THIS LINK FOR DOWNLOAD) Don’t forget to follow Pharaoh Slumzyniah’s social media at Pharaoh Slumzyniah on Facebook, Slum_Money on Instagram, and SKSlumzy on Twitter.

Do you expect to hear more from Pharaoh Slumzyniah in 2015? Leave your comments below.

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#TheMixx 2014 Recap… If You Missed It

What an electrifying Monday yesterday turned out to be as I attended The 2014 Mixx Music Festival hosted and sponsored by The Keenan System and Downtown Locker Room.


Directly across the street from Morgan State University, artists from all over the DMV area came together in live performances to wake up MSU students from their summer slumbers in preparation for tackling another school year filled with all nighters, term papers, and dreaded finals. Who’s ever ready to leave their summer freedom for that?!

There were live performances from both familiar faces and some new. But I have to say the most sensational had to be from Malik Ferraud. The party began when he brought an entourage of other local artists with him onstage to put on the best performance of the night.


Don Trunk stole the show for a little sec., too.


Lor Scoota also put on an exceptional show performing his infamous hit “Bird Flu.”


Other performers who rocked the stage last night were as follows…

Maya Milan

Dee Dave


and Pop.

For it the be the first day of school, it definitely didn’t feel like it. The energy of both the performers and the crowd was phenomenal, and at the same time quite peaceful. That’s why it’s no telling exactly why festivities were cut short by the police. This crowd, full of mature young adults, quietly and respectfully cleared the field at the request of the officials. I guess, it was too live for a Monday. But it’s looking up with great possibilities for next years Mixx Fest.

Baltimore is on the rise! People are opening up their support for local talent, don’t you think? Would you attend next years The Mixx Fest 2015? Leave your comments below.

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Sign The Petition Against WERQ-FM’s Local Artist Airplay Time Slots

I know many may say they don’t listen to the radio anymore. But when you do want to listen to something new, what do you prefer? Do you listen to the local DJs on your cities radio station or do you listen to Spotify and Pandora? In the case of Baltimore, do you listen to 92Q or WMSK Online Radio?

I still listen to the radio. But it’s not my primary choice for new music. Whenever I feel the urge to listen to something new, I find myself running to soundcloud or YouTube rather the radio because the radio plays the same songs too often. When will the music gods ever change that? Honestly, does this city care enough to want to change how we hear new music?

We moan and groan about why our local radio stations refuse to play local artists music for our community to hear and support, but won’t make a difference about it. What’s going on here? Nothing is adding up. Someone’s making an effort, for sure. We’re just so blind to what’s happening in our community that we’ve overlook it. I’ve come across a petition,which entire purpose is to stop WERQ from playing only industry crap during the hours of 6am to 12am, and mix up the music selection with more local/independent artists during those time slots.

The Petition was created by Catherine Moran, and this woman makes a very good point for why we, as music lovers, should sign in agreement for changing when WERQ should play independent music.


Allot 1/3 of their playlist to local Baltimore artist between the hours of 8 a.m. & 6pm daily. Songs should be chosen by the people NOT the PDs, Asst PD, or DJs. There needs to be a voting poll via 3rd party site example “” where the results can be viewed by the public with real-time updates, to insure radio staff are not fooling people.

For too long our radio station has put on this front calling themselves the “People’s Station” when in fact they are not helping our “People (local talent)” at all. Every time you turn around they are creating more and more ridiculous policies to discourage artist from trying to get on radio, and justify shutting them out. This needs to end today.


I already signed the petition. I want local artist to have more opportunities to shine. I want the city to be behind this because many of Baltimore residents claim there is never a time where we have a voice. If we could rally up more people to sign this petition, we face a chance in being recognized as another city full of very talented people with the potential to go as far as anyone who may come from New York, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. We can make this happen!

Do you think this petition can be the starting point for big change in the music industry? Leave you comments below.

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The Music Highlight: Jimmy Apoet “Don’t Excuse My Lingo”

It’s very rare to find an artist that sounds similar or makes you think of someone who’s already in the music industry. But when I come across someone who does, you better believe I will find a way to include them in my blog. This week’s Music Highlight reminds me of J.Cole. Ha!

Meet Jimmy Apoet!

2014-04-04 15.01.49

Jimmy Apoet is 24-year-old independent artist and Baltimore native with a creative vision and social awareness that separates him from other musicians in his genre. His rap career started when he was 13 years when he was given Tupac Shakur’s A Rose That Grew From Concrete. Tupac’s poem book later inspired him to want to record his own experiences and thoughts. Jimmy grew up being active with his peers in competitions and cyphers, grasping a name for himself at a very young age.

When it comes to who’s Jimmy Apoet’s influencers within the music industry, alongside Tupac, there’s Nas. Jimmy says he’s inspired by the two for their position in performing for a more serious side of hip-hop, which also plays a big part in Jimmy’s decision in being a conscious music artist. It’s also his reason for why he’s placed in a different bracket other rappers, and my reason’s for comparing him to J. Cole.

It’s not the love for the music alone that keeps Jimmy Apoet eager to make more. He claims he’s motivated by the people. “There is a lot going on in the world and a lot of people turn to music for guidance, comfort, and something to relate to. As an artist I want to contribute my thoughts and experiences, and hopefully, it will positively change lives.” I second that thought.

Jimmy Apoet is active in the local hip-hop scene and can be found performing at 5 Seasons Lounge and Monumental Mondays (hosted by Alumni Marketing Group) in Baltimore.

“Don’t Excuse My Lingo”

As a music highlight submission, Jimmy sent readers his single from his EP released June 1st. Instead of wording his EP “Please, excuse my lingo,” Jimmy Apoet tells his listeners to not bother. There should be no apologies for what he has to say and as a conscious rapper, he has a lot for people to hear.

My favorite song from “Don’t Excuse My Lingo” is Bonnie, which plays off of Jimmy’s vision of what a “down ass chick” would be. I personally know Jimmy and I’m sure he can attest that it’s a fav because I’m constantly telling him to make a music video for the song. You have to hear it. If he’d listen to what I say, the visuals would be hawt! The song uses the concept of infamous criminals Bonnie and Clyde’s as a spin-off for his perception of Bonnie. She’s fearless, demanding, willing to do anything for her Clyde, or in this case her Jimmy Apoet. Bonnie is THAT! Everyone should want a chick who’s like that. She sounds pretty fun.

We can tell Jimmy Apoet has the potential to exceed the average expectation. So make sure you’re supporting his come up by downloading his EP, “ Don’t Excuse My Lingo” from Soundcloud. If you’d like to listen to more of his music and receive more updates, follow his soundcloud at JimmyApoet, follow his Twitter at @topflightjimmy, and add his Instagram at @JimmyApoet.

What did you think about Bonnie? Did you like it? Leave your comments below.

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Beet Trip Is The New Wave

I felt like I traveled back in time for a few hours to the 1980s yesterday, except there was a slight millennial twist in my Back To The Future moment. I attended for the first time Beet Trip, a beat and rap cypher event held at The Living Well, just few block north of Baltimore’s Station North Arts and Entertainment District. Last night’s event was Beet Trips 15th episode.


I wish I could have had the opportunity to grow up in the 80s to hear MCs battle it out in cyphers to human beat boxers. But the closest I could get to that was last night when I experience young Baltimore MCs form a circle while taking turns passing the mic to exchange freestyles to new age beats created by 3 star Bmore producers. I regret to have not grab such talented producers names or information. But I’m sure to be spotted at this event again. I definitely won’t make the same mistake. If you recognize anyone in any of these photographs, let them know that they’re now Doc’s Castle Media’s anonymous stars!



The atmosphere was, like I said, “old school with a new age twist” and the crowd was extremely exceptional for it to be held in an art gala like The Living Well. I assume Beet Trip was the absolute place to be if you’re big on attending Baltimore Hip-Hop events because I spotted plenty of familiar faces in the Baltimore Hip-Hop Scene. To name a few people:

Butch Dawson
Leon Dominick
Jimmy Apoet
OG Dutch Master
Kemet Dank (aka Dank God)
Lor Bluntz
Neish of 23rd Sense
and so many more…





Beet Trip is held every first and third Thursday of the month and it’s only $3 to attend. The next episode will be June 5, 2014. Will you be there?

2443 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

The Music Highlight: Pharaoh Slumzyniah “40oz”

Baltimore is surely on the rise. There is no doubt about the potential that constantly gets overlooked. But that’ll soon come to a end.

If you’ve been following Doc’s Castle Media within the past 2 months, you’d know I’ve been making some sweet special appearances in the local hip-hop scene, spending my time meeting some really talented individuals at local open mic nights.


As I’ve been spending time meeting lots of new artist, I’ve come across an extremely talented music label by the name of War Drumz Audio Art. This label deserves some extensive credit because I’ve gotten to learn more about the label’s assets and what they offer for each of their artists signed to their team. Pure creativity is embedded in their movement. I’m talking about I haven’t see anyone in Baltimore with the kind of swag as this label.

Creativity given to you purely as audio art comes to you by War Drumz Audio Art’s very own local hip-hop artist Pharaoh Slumzyniah. I bring you his first music video “40oz” as an introduction to the world for what people are missing out on in Baltimore city.

To hear more from Pharaoh Slumzyniah, check out his mixtape The Red Dawg Pharaoh on Don’t forget to follow him on his social media; Pharaoh_Slumzy on Instagram, SKSlumzy on Twitter, and Pharaoh Slumzyniah on Facebook.

Lookout in the future for interviews with more artists of the War Drumz Audio Art label coming soon to Doc’s Castle Media. In the meantime, follow them on their social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

How do you feel about this artist? Would you bump this song? Leave your comments below.

Maryland Live is Giving Away $10,000 to the Best Vocalist

For all those big time singers of the DMV, here’s your opportunity to show out your pipes and win some big bucks and studio time. Maryland Live Casino Rising Stars Live is a singing competition for vocalists entering for a chance to win $10,000 along with studio time with Wright Way Studios in Baltimore.


I first heard the Maryland Live ad on WPGC Radio and thought of this as great opportunity for those artists who are striving to establish a name for themselves in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region. Here’s your chance! This is an opportunity for the 21 and over crowd ONLY, seeming as the contest is hosted by the popular casino. But I’ll keep an eye out for more competitions for Baltimore’s younger artists to participate in, as well.

Prospect contestants are to submit their work at Maryland Live Casino’s Site. You have from now until March 31, 2014 to participate, enter and win. So get to it! To view more rules and terms about the contest, click here.

For those contestants who are entering, I’m taking submissions, too. Doc’s Castle Media will be showcasing talented singers who are participating in Maryland Live Casino’s Rising Stars Live. I want to spotlight even those who might not win that $10,000. You’re still worth the spotlight. Rules to submit for Doc’s Castle Media are below:

  • Email a submission of your song to
  • In the subject line, label it ML Contestant.
  • Include your NAME, AGE, SONG TITLE, and MUSIC FILE (this could be a YouTube or Soundcloud link) in the body of the email.
  • Deadline will be April 10th.
  • If Doc’s Castle Media receives no submissions, no one will be spotlighted.

Let’s support local talent in the DMV.