#SoIFlowLive Recap w/ Graffititech & Greenspan

So what did you miss last night? Well, if you didn’t notice me spamming your Instagram, I attended SoIFLowLive artist showcase held at the brand new Play Hookah Lounge.


The event was hosted by the lovely JanaeTru, blogger for the notorious TruDat Blog. She did an awesome job hosting last night’s festivities by keeping the crowd laughing and ready for the evening’s honored guests.


This Wednesday at SoIFlow, it was all about Baltimore’s own music producer Graffititech and Bmore hip-hop artist Greenspan. Each of them brought some oomph to the night.

The night began with Graffittech. Instead of having the event turn into a strictly a listening party for his set, he decided to be a little different, and brought an entourage of artists with him to perform over his beats.




In honor of one of hip-hop culture’s legendary artist, Graffititech also allowed the audience to take a listen to his 13 year anniversary tribute to the beloved Aaliyah. We rocked out for a minute for his tribute had Bmore written all over it. He remixed Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody?” by giving it a homey sound and we danced to a brand new “Baltimore Club” song in remembrance of her. (Take a listen to the track.)

Following Graffititech came DJ Blaqstarr. As one of the event sponsors, he blessed the stage with his musical graces. Years of his musical expertise showed him to be transparent because we could all tell this guy put in a lot of work to be where he is today. All we can do is respect this man for what he does.


Greenspan wrapped up the night for us. Along with him came Al Great and Ashley Alexander. All three of these great talents actually whipped me back into shape after being blown away by the hookah I was sharing with Janae. Janae was a little blown away up there hosting, too, as she mentioned the hookah gets her a little dizzy. It’s all good tho. Ha-ha!


There was also a buffet included with the ticket purchased for the event. It didn’t have much but after tweeting that I hadn’t eaten all day, that plate of chicken and salad saved my life. Then when I turned around and I saw some banging jewelry by New Vintage By Sam and wished I had some more money.


I’m steady shaking my head at myself because I was literally a starving artist last night.

Though the night was amazing, I can’t help to fathom why there wasn’t more people there to savor the experience with me. Once again it was artists supporting other artists. The artist-to-fan ratio was whack.  I’m glad to see we got each others back out here in Baltimore. But we still need to bring out those crabs who only want to watch me post from my Instagram account. Haha! A change is coming Baltimore, indeed.

Never the less, I enjoyed my time at SoIFlowLive and I highly encourage others to support. SoIFlowLive is every Wednesday at the Play Hookah Lounge from 7-10 pm.


Based off what you see, did I convince you to come out to more local hip-hop events? Leave your comments below.

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Behind The Music: Jose (Liquor Talkn)

Jose (Liquor Talkn) is my first recorded song, which addresses what many may call a “situationship.” It’s a personal excerpt from my life that I changed into a personification about my favorite alcoholic beverage, Jose Cuervo. The song was produced by a good friend of mine who goes by the name of Doowy Lloh.

The idea for writing Jose came from being surrounded by a bunch of people who are constantly submitting to me their music. I have an interest in independent works. It’s great content being sent to me on a regular basis and I’m not going to front, I believe I can compete alongside quite a few people who send me music. I’m humble, though. Ha-ha.

I’m a frequent visitor of local recording studio DugOut Dojo Studios in Baltimore. The art that comes out of there is absolutely amazing! If you’re a recording artist, I recommend you stop by to record and check out other artists’ work while you’re there.

Dug out logo2

Back to talking about my song…During the week of writing this song, I basically drank Jose every night before bed. It’s my go to drink if anyone who wants to know what I prefer. I don’t know why I was drinking so much. It might be because I’m young and young folks do stuff like that sometimes. Haha.

I woke up one day and thought to myself, Hey, I haven’t written a poem in a while. I usually write poems when something heavy is on my mind and I want to express my thoughts creatively. Jose (Liquor Talkn) appeared to be the product this go around because I thought if I made a song about what was going on in my life to conclude all the feelings that I had for a guy I absolutely knew didn’t feel the same for me, it would wipe away every unwanted emotion I had about him. Did it work? It damn sure feels like it.


A new form of creativity entered my realm and now I can say I feel like making music is the cure to what’s been buried inside of me for years. It’s only for fun that I’m choosing to make music. I don’t want to take the fun out of doing it. It’ll drown away every innocent speckles left in it if I made it into a job. But music always brought me joy. For some reason, I knew there had to be a reason why I’m so fond of being involved with it. I’m not saying that composing a song is my calling. But for some reason, I’m drawn to anything that deals with music. I’ve always loved it.

What’s it like to have a career writing music? What’s it like to be a music publisher? What’s fulfilling to me when I learn how to make beats? The possibilities are endless for me because it’s what I’m looking into doing while I’m bored out of my mind because I’m not enrolled in school. Ha-ha. I just want to learn more about anything within the musical culture.

When I made the song, I was lost out of my mind, trying to figure out what would sound right. I still believe my song needs some work done to it. But it’s my first song, whoever likes their first song? There isn’t too many people. So I consider it decent.

Brianna Ragler from RebelliousRebel backed me on the vocals. (Check out her interview with Doc’s Castle Media.) FluX, producer at the DugOut Dojo, “whipped my sound into shape.” The track became something of  good potential. Others have told me they like it. (Hear José on Doc’s Castle Media.) It’s cool. You know, the artist is always their worst critic.

Music is love. A person can join it’s marvelous culture if they’d dedicated their time to it. If you enjoy the arts, you’ll know that music  more than what people hear. It’s a lifestyle for many and I encourage more people to learn more about it before they judge it.

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YTube Vid of the Week: Footprints of a Mother by Solution

Finally! I have a new YTube Vid of the Week! It’s been a minute.

This week’s video was done by local hip-hop artist Solution. He’s come with some good ole spoken word.Inline image 1

 Hip-hop artist Solution, reappears from his music hiatus with the release of his new spoken word “Footprints of a Mother.” This new release is a dedication to all mothers who have left lasting impressions on the lives of their children. Solution is currently working on a separate project expected to release later this year.

He’sssss Baaaacccckkkk! (Check out more on his YouTube Channel.)

Honestly, this video should have been posted on Doc’s Castle Media around Mother’s Day. But would it have caught your attention today if I posted this video around the time that everyone published something about their mother? Uhh, no! SO…I had to be different, of course, and post a month and some days afterwards. Ha-ha. Are you still thinking about mom? You should be.

Never forget about mom! Do you love your mom? Comment with something nice you’d like to say to your mom in the comments below.

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The Music Highlight: Jose (Liquor Talkin) by Alissa Fere

Parental Advisory Apply!

Alright, everyone is a rapper. I know, I know. I guess you’ll throw me into the mix after you finish hearing my track that was released Friday evening May 30, 2014 (My Birthday).

When it comes to expressing myself, I sometimes need to find new ways of  releasing how I feel about something. I have to let things be known creatively. I’ve always experimented with different techniques. While growing up, it can be said that I could be caught journaling, drawing, dancing, writing poetry, writing songs, creating clubs, or joining clubs. I’ve always had to stay active. As you know now, I’ve made a bucket list of tasks to complete.

These past two weeks, I’ve been dabbling in writing a song because it was a task on my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to write my own song, as if I was making a  soundtrack for my life. I watch music videos on television sometimes and think that I have the skills to create something like it. So I made a song so that I could make a music video, too. Yay!

Jose (Liquor Talkin) is a page out of the diary of Taylor Walker, a song about an event in my life that I wanted to creatively express my thoughts about. There was no biting my tongue when it came to writing it. It was exactly how I felt about something I believed to be inhuman. It was my first time recording a song and I discovered talents about myself I didn’t know I had.

I have bars! That was surprising.

I may be writing more songs. I have a lot of things that I want to get off my chest that blogging won’t be able to fulfill. So, I guess, I’m making music until I find something new to experiment with. It’s fun.

One thing off of my bucket list is complete. Time to move on to the next!

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Q & A with The Industry Blogger

The fourth addition to my Blogger’s Rundown is Malika Muhammad, founder of The Industry Blogger. I had a joyous time meeting this bright young woman. While taking the time to get to know her, I’ve learn how much drive she has to become a well renown journalist in the very near future. At our little meeting, we discussed her interest in writing a print based blog, her goals within the next 5 years, who’s her inspiration, and what local artists she supports in Baltimore. I also learned we share lots of common interest. I can’t tell you how cool it is to meet another person who shares that same passion as me. I get excited about it. Ha-Ha! Both of us are inspired journalist seeking to go far with our blogs. I know that if Malika keeps striving while doing what she does best, she’ll absolutely reach her dreams. I look forward to doing some collaboration with her in the future.


Doc: Tell us the story behind your blog, The Industry Blogger?

Malika: So it all started last year, July of 2013. So I’m really new at this. I looked at the Baltimore scene and was like, “It’s so many talented people out here.” But nobody would know that because we all have this stereotype of Baltimore artists or people in Baltimore, period. I was like, “I’ma be the one who lets everybody know that we’re not just talking about weed or being in the hood.” I want people to know that we can actually play instruments and put together well-formed lyrics, something that’s with a message. I met a whole bunch of bloggers on the way. So I realized I wasn’t alone in this. After that, I was like, “Oh, man!” (Laughs)

Doc: (Laughs)

Malika: But then I thought it was a great thing. I’ll just unite with them and we can bring Baltimore up together. It’s better to do it with a team anyway.

Doc: Alright, that’s cool. So where did you get your name from?

Malika: I did so much brainstorming. I thought of doing something simple because I was thinking about it too much because I had a cupcake business, too. So I was thinking of some names for that, also.

Doc: You still have that?

Malika: Umm, it’s like on the side. (Laughs)

Doc: (laughs)

Malika: If someone wants cupcakes, I’ll say, “I’ll make em for you,” but not really. (Laughs) But for the Industry Blogger, I was listening to Kendrick Lamar. You know the song where he’s like, “I’m effing the industry hard?” (Referring to Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe)

Doc: Yeah, I know what song you talking about.

Malika: I was listening to that. I just love that word. I like the word Industry. It’s powerful to me. Then I chose to name my blog Industry Blogger. When I put it together, I wanted it to happen fast. But I’ve been brainstorming for months before July for my blog. But I just needed a name so I decided the Industry Blogger and I would market myself with it. That’s how it came about.

Doc: Oh, wow. Would you consider your blog kind of like a print journalistic type of blog? Because I know of multiple blogs that have video or just post a song? What would you consider yours to be?

Malika:  I want to say it’s a mixture. But I mainly want it to be print journalism. I don’t want people to say that I’m just a blogger. I think people lose credibility being label as that because they may think they can blog about anything like they gossip. I don’t want to be labeled as a gossiper. I want everything I post to be truthful and honest. So I would say it is more print journalistic.

Doc: I agree with you. That’s how I want people to view my blog. A lot of people do think of bloggers as gossipers. Is there anyone that you draw inspiration from, like a famous reporter?

Malika: Yes, first it was Sherrie Johnson. She was on ABC2 News. She’s been promoted doing other things now. But that’s on a local basis. Karen Civil is another one. She’s like the main person I look up to. I’m always on her page. I just love her. I’m always on her Instagram or her website trying to see her next move. I’m not trying to mimic everything that she’s doing. I’m just really inspired by her because she meditates. She’s spiritual. She’s a woman. That’s why I want to be kind of different from her. I want to angle myself off her but not so much as people saying that’s another Karen Civil.

Doc: Right! She’s like a model to you. You want to do your own twist. Originality! So I read your blog about supporting Baltimore artist and I loved what you said about it. You know as far as people supporting people, and it inspired me to write a blog myself.

Malika: Oh really? Thank you. I’ll have to check that out. (Laughs)

Doc: Yeah. (Laughs) You talked about artist that lacked originality and they’re always copying other people who are already in the Industry. Would you say that there’s at least five artists here you would support?

Malika: Yup. I definitely would say Chris Bivins. He’s from Howard County. I like Jayverse. I put him on my blog. Umm, Solution. He’s with Teamwage. He just went solo. Blizz. I don’t know. I have so many people. (Laughs) I like Gillateen and Lonnie Moore. I should have named him (Lonnie) after Solutions.

Doc: Oh! That’s good that you’ve named five. Are you open to collaborating with other bloggers in the DMV/Baltimore region?

Malika: I am. I didn’t think of that at first. Remember, I thought I was the only one because I didn’t see it at first. But of course, I must didn’t do enough research then. But I do. We can write together or umm…

Doc: Guest blog on each other’s posts.

Malika: Right! I would love to do that. I actually quoted something about that for people to submit articles to my page. If you’re smart, everyone knows that takes more work off of you.

Doc: Exactly! So do you know anybody in particular that you would want to write for? Any local blog sites?

Malika: Umm, the only two blogs that I’ve become really acquainted with is TruDat and Vivid Visions. So we can do something together. That would be cool. But I haven’t research many bloggers. I just had seen Ryan tweet bloggers. So that helped me a lot.

Doc: Yeah, I know! That helped me out, too.

Malika: (Laughs) I was like, “Okay, I’ll look at all of these.” But those two. If I could do all of them, I would. I think that’s the problem. We need to keep supporting each other and stop being against each other.  At the end, we are all competitors. But still.

Doc: But still, it would help each other out.

Malika: We’ll all be getting our name out there.

Doc: Exactly! What would you like for your blog to be remembered as?

Malika: Hmm, that’s a great question. I just want people to see that for me I wanted to start at the base of hip-hop. I want people to know that it’s not just on the surface, where we’re just posting videos or links to music. I want people to get in deeper into it. I want them to experience what hip-hop actually is. I don’t want people to say that I’m just a blogger that blogs about music because I like it. You have to actually be hip-hop. You have to study it.

Doc: Like actually go to the events; support the people who you’re posting about.

Malika: Yeah, I definitely want to be seen as a person who supports local music, someone who’ll tell you the history of it on the spot. I just want to be known as someone who’s really in tuned with the culture all together.

Doc: So where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Malika: Awe man that question. (Laughs)

Doc: (Laughs)

Malika: Five years from now, I would still want to do this blog. I want it to be bigger than what it is now. I want it to lead to bigger opportunities. So if that means leading to being a personality on TV or radio, and I’ve actually tried radio before…

Doc: Did you like it?

Malika: It was okay. (Laughs)

Doc: (Laughs)

Malika: I would say I like TV better. People think that’s odd. But I like TV better. I would like to do radio, TV, and writing in the future. I want to be a person who’s multifaceted. I want to do a little bit of everything. I want my own business. In five years, I don’t want to be working for anyone but myself. I’m just putting that out there.

Doc: Okay, I get you. So do you take submissions from hip-hop artist?

Malika: Yes, I do. That’s how I get most of my content. I’ll post my email on one of my social media sites or I have them submit on my submissions page on my actual blog. I’ll take anything, mixtapes, songs, if you want a bio written. I do it. Some people even text me because I put my number out there all the time or some will email me. All of that is on my blog.

Doc: But you prefer people to submit on your form on the site?

Malika: Yes, because it’s much easier. It’s better organized.

Doc: So they’ll just go to your website and they’ll submit.

Malika: Yup.

Doc: Okay, that’s it. That was the last question. Thank you for being a part of this.

Malika: Thank you.

To read articles by Malika Muhammad, visit her blog site at theindustryblogger.com.

Mixtape Review: Young Wild & Reckless The Movement

Hop in my car and cruise to something that has hard base. The base has to be hard enough for my windows to look like they’re shaking. That’s the type of music the world should be driving to because it wakes you up and gets pumped to tackle your day. I mean, that’s why I listen to rap when I drive. Ha-ha! If you’re the type of music listener who likes a club banger kind of sound, you’ll be missing out if you haven’t heard about Young Wild & Reckless.


Last August, they submitted a video that was featured on Doc’s Castle Media. “Like Us” now holds a position of over two thousand views, which is way more than when it was first seen on Doc’s Castle Media. Tells us that they’ve been on their grind since we’ve last heard from them. They also dropped a mixtape last year, July 26th, named Young Wild & Reckless The Movement. The tape has over a thousand views so I had to do a review as a follow-up for my viewers.

Young Wild & Reckless The Movement is a tape meant for “turning up.” Similar to “Like Us,” the tape places you into a party scene that anyone could dream of being. You’ll be ready to grab your bottles and partake in other various recreational activities as you bob you heads to the base beat I mentioned above that you’ll love. My favorite song is “Like Us,” of course, with the addition of “What I Gotta Do,” a song highlighting that getting money is something these guys have to do to keep them fly. I’m sure many people can relate to that. I also like “Hood Rich Anthem” because it gives me that image of being a “boss.” The beat does that alone but with addition of these talented artist featured on the track, they reassure that they’re coming from all over the country, and different neighborhoods, to let us know about their movement. They’re taking over with extreme BOSS behavior.

With that being said, are you ready to live Young Wild & Reckless? Make sure you download Young Wild & Reckless The Movement from Datpiff.com. It’s something worth playing at your house parties.

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