The HashTag That Lasted All Week: #ImSoBaltimore

Is it over yet?

For the past two days, I’ve watched my city shine with pride as people participating in a game online through their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. My online friends shared memories of growing up in Baltimore by posting photos and statuses about moments they remember while living in Baltimore under the #hashtag #ImSoBaltimore.


I recall there being other hashtags, like #ImSoDC and #ImSoHarlem. But because majority of my time lines are recipients of Baltimore City, I rarely saw those posts. So like a throwback Thursday turned into an entire week of nostalgia, I was swimming in Baltimore pride all week.

Just the other day, we complained about how we hated where we were from. Two weeks ago, we screamed of how no one will ever make it out of this city with the lack of support from other people who live here. But what I see, with the addition of support from people who attended Artscape, we’ve gain quite a supportive presence by showing our pride in where we come while simply posting statuses about things done in and only in our city.

I spent most of my Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday liking other people’s posts, thinking to myself: I remember doing that or saying I wish that place never went out of business. We aren’t just the home of the Wire. We’re more. We just needed to let others know for a sec.

I miss Baltimore the way everyone remembered it. We talked about it like we don’t do these memorable activities anymore. It opened up my eyes into looking for new memories to capture while I continue to live here. Although, I already have started picking up the habit of doing things that can only be experienced here, I hope that others developed that sense to do the same. We can create more of these Baltimore memories.

Check out some of the things people said while participating in this week’s popular #hashtag. (All these status updates were taken from my Facebook time line. These were not submitted to me. I simply stumbled across them.)





We had a few downers who complained about this online burst of  Baltimore pride, of course. It never fail to have someone representing that “crab-in-a-barrel” mentality. I’m glad someone chose to speak up about it, though.


IKR! Just log out because it’s not over yet. Baltimore for life! We’re SO BALTIMORE!

What are some of your memories about Baltimore? Share some in the comments below.

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