Chapter 1: Free The Beast by C. Davis

From the moment of birth, the subconscious keeps the instinct at bay.

So the mental state proceeds to develop in an odd, peculiar way.

In its early stages, the subconscious helps its Host develop poise and character.

With that came respect and the ability to overcome any racial and ethnical barrier.

As the subconscious spurs the Host’s growth, the instinct begins to growl in envy.

Why won’t you pay attention?! Why do you keep denying me?!

From this moment forward, begins the mental struggle and never ending rivalry.

To think things through or act out as the feelings come naturally.

The internal war brought nothing short of destruction and mental pain.

And each battle had a different effect on the Host’s brain.

The Host developed small headaches which were quelled by over-the-counter drugs.

This remedy was only temporary and swept the real damage under the rug.

The small headaches returned more frequently and were increasingly reinforced.

The Host slowly became less caring and showed compassion that seemed a little forced.

Subconscious was once strong enough to help the Host resist any instinctual impulses.

Now weakened by time, the subconscious frequently falters and the instinct loudly rejoices.

From Advil to Excedrin, nothing seemed to soothe these migraines.

Synaptic reactions ceased and the Host became insane.

This was only the beginning of the instinct’s plan.

With the subconscious gone, the Host would follow the instinct’s every command.

First order of business was to get use to all these phenomenal powers.

Once mastered it was off to conquering societal towers.

But don’t count the subconscious out yet, it still had some fight.

And it knew it would take everything to make things right.

Last fight. Last round. The location is the mid-brain alter.

Outside the mind, the Host is interacting with another.

Jab, jab, hook, jab, followed by a kick in the chest.

The subconscious was no match for the instinct who was at its best.

The victor became king while the loser was locked in prison.

Meanwhile the Host made an unsightly decision.

It took the emotions locked in the other Host’s heart.

Then feasted, digested, and tore the remains apart.

Instinct and Host fully synced and haunted by emotional hunger.

Now steadily carves a bloodthirsty path, changing from beast to a monster.

-C. Davis


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