Lil Boosie’s Freedom Relevant to Jesus Christ’s Resurrection

The title to my article today sums up how my Twitter and Instagram timeline looked last night. Memes and Tweets galore for the rapper who’s now considered a former convict of the Louisiana State Penitentiary.


Lil Boosie was released Wednesday night, March 5, 2014, after being incarcerated since June 2010. It’s been a long four years for Boosie Fans. But his sentences did not keep his fans from being loyal supporters during his battle with the judicial system for multiple offenses. He was later found not guilty. Now, Boosie’s free.

But as I see all this commotion happening across all my social media channels, I can’t help to think how ridiculous Boosie’s release from prison has the people on my Twitter and Instagram Timelines reacting. People are acting as if the messiah has come to set us free. I’m obviously not the only one who thinks that.


There’s nothing wrong with being happy for Boosie’s release, but to take it to the point where people are getting into serious arguments about whether people are “bandwagon fans” or “true Boosie fans” is just plain absurd. Why does it matter? How does this change our lives? Boosie’s human like the rest of us and, to me, hasn’t done anything significant or worth saying he’s changed my life. He’s had a few good songs. But Boosie never once helped me get through the struggles of my everyday life. If he’d pay off my school loans, I’d be a happy son-of-a-gun. If he’d help me find a new job, car, and apartment, I’d love him forever. He’s not so why act like he saved the human race or my soul?

I participated in conversations about Boosie last night to have a few laughs about our sudden “National Free Boosie Day.” I never thought it’d bring so much emotions out of the people who look to this rapper as an inspiration. For what? I’ll never understand because though Boosie has made it to heights that many people may never achieve, his lifestyle is not destined for many to live his exact path. How can he have so much praise from millions who can’t relate to his story or struggle? Calm down. Boosie is just a man who paved his way out of the hood like many others before him. I’m hoping people will open their eyes to simply seeing it as his story, and that they’ll seek to create a story of their own instead of praising him by trying to mimic his exact lifestyle. Boosie isn’t God now. He does not give you life.

I’m happy for his return but I hope that Boosie sees himself as a big influence in society. His actions matter. People try to mimic his every move. There is so much power behind what he does, and if he uses that power in a positive light, so much can change. Being a “real nigga” has nothing to do with creating a better world for everyone. It’s about integrity and character. He has potential. He recently received his GED so we can already see that he wants better for himself. If he can inflict that motivation onto his fan base, it’d be awesome and we might possibly have a better outcome for this rising generation. We can only hope for the best. So I’m pray Boosie’ll be a positive influence on society, encourage our young black men to be better and live better.

Boosie isn’t Jesus Christ. No one yelled Free Jesus while he hung on that cross. To me, Jesus took the realest punishment, I’m just saying. But to each his own. What’s your opinion on the release of Lil Boosie from prison? Do you think people overreacted or do you believe he deserve the praise? Leave comments below.

App of the Week: Happier

Darn-it! I’m so angry. I’m so sad! What am I going to do next? I’m so anxious! We catch ourselves saying  these statements and questions when we don’t like something that’s going on in our lives. Wouldn’t you like something that helps you take your mind off life’s negativity? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? I’ve found an app that does some justice indeed.

Happier App

What does this app do?

According to the iTunes App Store:

“Happier makes you, well, happier!

Happier is a simple and beautiful way to collect happy moments you find in every day, share them with close friends and family, and be reminded to do more of what makes you happier.

It’s inspired by research which shows focusing on the positive and sharing good things with people you care about makes you happier and healthier.

* Capture & collect happy moments. Happy moments can be tiny, like eating something you enjoy, getting an email from a friend, or a hug from your kids.

* Make your close friends and family smile. Feeling positive is contagious in the best way. When you share happy moments with friends and family you help brighten up their day and inspire them to notice the good moments in their lives.

* Discover what makes you happier. See which experiences make you feel good and be encouraged to do them more often.”

What makes you Happy?

According to Doc:

The app allows you to share your happy moments with friends. Duh! It’s simply sharing a happy status. Your happies,or happy moments, are put in categories and are counted so that you’ll know how many things make you happy. It’s starts you off with a goal of three happies for you to share, but you’re not limit to that. The aim is to experience as many happy moments as you can. But by giving you three, it motivates you to recognize that at least three things good happened to you that day and that’s something to feel great about.

Where can I get this App?

iTune’s App Store

How much does this App cost?


Would I use this app?

I use this app, especially! I love it. People are always so jolly and peachy about what’s going on in their life. It motivates you to do something that makes you happy so that you may post it on the app to share. It’s really something out there that’s suggesting to people to do something gratifying for themselves. I definitely promote it.

Download Happier (it’s completely free) and start collecting the happy moments in your life!


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Doc’s Picture Hunt: Week 5- July 12

This Week’s Search:

  • Culture
  • Life
  • Motivation

This week’s search is all about observation. It’s about what you see your life as. What’s your culture? How does your culture influence your life? How does this motivate you for your future. You may choose to show this through as many pictures as you like.

Doc’s Picture Hunt Rules:

  1. All pictures that you take must be your own pictures. (Don’t go in google just stealing pictures. That ain’t right lol)
  2. When entering your photo in a chance to be shared on Doc’s Castle Media, you must tag @EhhWassupDoc_, #DocPictureHunt and what your picture represents on both Instagram and Twitter for us to see it. If your page is private, we will not be able to see the photos . Please take out the time to consider that.
  3. Do not enter explicit photos. We will not post them on Doc’s Castle Media.
  4. All Pictures that you enter must be in by Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 at 12 noon to be considered on Doc’s Castle Media next blog for Doc’s Picture Hunt.
  5. Remember, this is about how you perceive the world. There is no winner to this hunt. Just have fun!

How Google perceives this search:







None of these pictures are connected with each other. I believe it will be easier if you connected your pictures to one another to give your search more meaning and focus.