Music Highlight: Quinn Shabaz “Day One” ft. Jimmy Apoet & Leon Dominick

Ever met a rapper that seems to have a song for every moment in a person’s life? I call those people trendy rappers because they have music for everything, even songs for when you feel the urge to smack someone. This week’s music highlight is Quinn Shabaz.

Meet Quinn Shabaz:


Quinn began rapping in 2005. That may seem relatively recent being 9 years ago, but he’s musical experiences stretches back to his elementary school days, as he began playing the saxophone in the 3rd grade. By the time he graduated from middle school, Quinn was able to play the saxophone, the drums and the guitar. Like many of other great musicians, Quinn also was apart of his church’s choir. He spent 4 years singing for his church, while he focused on his writing skills until 2012 where he released his first musical project “Alternative Thanksgiving”  with long time friend Leon Dominick. The following year, Quinn released his first solo project “Love&Hooligans” and not too far behind dropped his 2014 mixtape “Good Heart, Bad Habits.”

With only two solo projects under his belt, Quinn is showing us a job well done. When tuning to Soundcloud to find a song to share with my readers, I chose to share the most played. “Gator” is a song about pimp slappin a bitch. I can’t put it any simpler than that. Ha-ha! So if you’re in one of those moods full of pure frustration and can’t seem to let the tension go, I’m sure “Gator” can help with that. Check it out:

But that’s not what I wanted to highlight in today’s post. I wanted to share Quinn’s music video “Day One,” which includes two previously featured artist on Doc’s Castle Media, Jimmy Apoet and Leon Dominick. It’s a song about true friendship and hanging out with people who’s been around since the beginning. I’m talking about those best friends you wouldn’t trade the world for.

Did You see my cameo? Ha-ha!

I really loved what Quinn did by taking it back to those celebratory cookout days in this video. It symbolizes a moment that everyone should experience when people spent time with their loved ones. I’m sure some of you had that experience this week, spending some time with your Day One’s during this Labor Day weekend.

Quinn Shabaz is definitely worthy of this week’s Music Highlight shoutout! I enjoyed every bit of his latest album. To hear more from him, follow his soundcloud at Quinn Shabaz and listen to his earlier works at the War Drumz Audio Art Reverbnation’s page.

The best moment to play Quinn Shabaz’s “Gator” is when…. Fill in the blank sending your comments, below!

Another favorite from “Good Heart, Bad Habits” is Cruise Control. I added the single in one of my fashion videos for Boulevard of Chic. Read Lights, Camera, Fashion! Recap of Boulevard of Chic’s Fashion Show on Doc’s Castle Media.

Artist Update: @ChampTheGeneral “Lost Soul” Music Video

Champ The General is back with another official music video release. Last we heard from Champ was with his release of official music video for single from his mixtape General Statement, “All I Know.” Now he brings us a new video from his collection. Here’s the latest submission from Champ The General, “Lost Soul” featuring C-Da Bomb and directed by Blade Brown.

General Statement is available for download at To watch Champ’s last video for “All I know,” view it on Doc’s Castle Media: Artist Update: Champ The General “All I Know” music video.

Bucket Listing It Up

I can’t sit still for anything. Maybe that’s a good thing. But I always have to do something to occupy my time. It’s how I started writing blogs. It’s how I found all the internship experience in branding and marketing. It’s how I’ve decided how I want to complete certain things in life.  While accomplishing all these opportunities while I’m young, I’ll be able to have lots of stories to share when I’m older. It’s what’s considered living!

Last week, I got some thinking done and I randomly thought about creating a bucket list for myself to keep my mind occupied from being on idle. I did some research before making my list when searching the web. The Internet makes it seem like it wasn’t a bad idea.
Bucket List

What is a bucket list?

For the many people that are unsure of what a bucket list is, I want to address to you the basics. It’s a list of goals you’d like to complete in your lifetime. A list of things that you’ve always thought was possible for you to do before you die. When I watch television shows or movies, whatever I’m watching usually gives off the intent of a person making a bucket list when they’re close to death. Well, I’m not close to death. Why wait until then? I already know a lot of what I want to accomplish now.

I do not have any serious sickness. I just wish to live a more fulfilling life while I can.

My Bucket List

First, my plan to make a bucket list was about trying to do things before 2014 comes to an end. I don’t believe I can do that with my list. It’s a bit much. It is a list that needs to be done before I die, most definitely. I have a list for starters that I may eventually add more to. Currently there’s only one thing I’ve scratched off of my list. Take a look…

Doc’s Bucket List:

  1. Make a Rap Song  (Listen to my rap song.)
  2. Be in a music video
  3. Write/Produce a music video
  4. Go to 4 different states in one year
  5. Go to a Rave (similar to those that I see in movies)
  6. Be in a fashion show  (See the recap of the fashion show.)
  7. Go on a Cruise with friends
  8. Hot Air Balloon
  9. Snow Tubing
  10. Go to Mardi Gras
  11. Swim with some exotic animal
  12. Put out a mixtape  (Listen to Songs From Da Dugout)

I’ll get all of these things done! Eventually, I want to do everything, preferably before I have children and get married. Ha-ha! I can make it happen. As I complete whatever on my bucket list, I want to keep my readers up to date on what’s being completed. So stay tuned to my post about my bucket list as time progresses.

The Music Highlight: Tony Bonez Sinatra “Mask Writter” Music Video

Yet again, I bring you another War Drumz Audio Art artist straight from B-More city. This time around it’s Tony Bonez Sinatra.

This is his latest music video for his single “Mask Writter.”

I like this song because it reminds me of the music I grew up on. You know know 90’s babies love when they hear something that sound similar to anything 90’s or early 2000’s related. Tony Bonez’s music reminds me of some old Redman and Method Man hits. Check out the assets of the video! Can you tell it’s Baltimore? Stand up!

About the Artist:

Tony Bonez started rapping at a very young age as a result of dealing with poverty during his childhood. Music became his getaway from all the issues that revolved in his life. But it wasn’t until the early 2000’s, he started writing his own rhymes and joining cyphers at school which helped gain him much respect as a fierce MC who is not to be messed with. Inspired by Redman (see, I told you it was something familiar about his style haha), Tony took up the name KidBlaq, and was later signed to an underground label Monsta Money at age 19 and took up the name Tony Bonez but shortly left to join a group known as DaUnion. A year later Bonez parted from the 4 man group after issues amongst the group and went solo. Over time he encountered SmokingAces counterpart Fly Fonzarelli. They instantly clicked. Fly introduced Bonez to the Baltimore hip-hop scene on a whole new level. Bonez since then has gained experiences with some of Baltimore’s top artist including learning from Skarr Akbarr, battling King Los, recording with the late Smash, Tiara Laniece and Yea Lano. More recently, Bonez has taken on the position as the sixth addition to the War Drumz Audio Art music label.

Earlier this year, Tony Bonez released his first EP Welcome to the Boneyard: The Rise. The mixtape is composed of 13 tracks that’ll get your head nodding to the beat for sure. My favorite track is “Do Ya Like” mainly because I love the sample of Adele in the song, but he speaks volumes in an audio picture about being intimate with a woman. I’m a woman so…do you catch my drift? Ha-ha! I’m sure he has more goodies to come along with the rest of what he has to offer. What do you think?

To hear more from Tony Bonez Sinatra, be sure to follow him on Twitter at TonyB0nez, Instagram at LongLiveBoneyard, and Facebook at TonyBonez Sinatra. Don’t forget to check out his EP Welcome to the Boneyard: The Rise on

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