Nephilim: The Fate of Hell’s Heathen by C. Davis

A nephilim is birthed through the loving bond between an angel and a demon.

Flesh and bone forged through the union of blood and semen.

The new family was excited at what joy the pregnancy would bring.

But all that faded nine months later as the new creation scorched off the angel’s luminous wings.

Furious at what his newborn child did to his now frail, mortal wife.

The demon departed vowing to never support a destroyer’s life.

Since that day, the mother always said she loved her child but her tongue concealed lies.

She truly hated the child for he bore a resemblance to her late husband. Damn those red eyes.

One night, while the child was asleep, the mother made an attempt to sacrifice his life.

But the last of her motherly nature surfaced protecting him from the undeserving strife.

With all her energy expunged, the mother remained evil and hollow.

The nephilim, scarred by the experience, was forced to leave his mother with no proper path to follow.

Now a young adult, the nephilim has grown to be wise and bold.

But he was still plagued by his past scars which put developing trust in mortals on hold.

He was wary of father figures that made themselves present in his coming years.

For he felt any promises made to him would lead to nothing since they would leave anyway; Fatherless fears.

Women were trusted much less and often lead to their constant heartbreak and disrespect.

He turned his back on those that grew on him and pursued other prospects.

If they were to be lucky enough to spend time in a place where his head may break

He waited until they slumbered to disappear in the mist of the night; full from his sexual intake.

Now well in his prime, he reminisces about his youthful past.

The moments with countless women and emotions that barely last.

What he didn’t know was that some of those women bore children.

And that the women had a chance to end up like his mother, angry and barren.

The reminiscing rekindled a hidden hatred for his father.

The nephilim felt his father was afraid of his responsibilities so he up and left probably saying “Why bother?”

He hopes that after all these years his father feels pain and regrets leaving him and his mother unaided.

And that he has the courage to kneel for forgiveness and confess the sins he committed.

Let us pray that this will stop the cycle that has already begun.

For the nephilim’s children may grow up the same way since the sins of the father fall on the son.

-C. Davis

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