Pharaoh Slumzyniah Produces Fire With Release of 2nd Underground Album “No Role Models, No Rules”

This week, Baltimore native Pharaoh Slumzyniah released his second underground album No Roles Models, No Rules and reveals that embracing your dark side can be quite cultivating, too. He further introduces to the world a new type of hip-hop, which he calls menace rap, a new style of music that has no regards to what society expects. It’s an album geared entirely to “not giving any f*%@s.”

NoRoleModels No Rules Cover

No Role Models, No Rules was set to release Saturday, November 15, 2014. Unfortunately, the anticipated underground album was delayed an additional 3 days building more anticipation for Slumzy fans. But despite the contrary, the album still exceeded fans’ expectations, and has proven a bigger and better composition than his previous discography .

The album is composed of 18 somber, but still upbeat, tracks that, though may get you pondering whether you should be nodding your head or seeking to drown in your sorrows, will have you dancing nonetheless.


To name a few artists who have been featured on the Pharaoh’s new mixtape are War Drumz Audio artists FLuX, Leon Dominick, Quinn Shabaz and Based rap artists Lor Bluntz and Hazmat Caz.

Experimental sounds of dubstep, old school, westcoast, and hardcore hip-hop influenced and blended together on No Role Models No Rules to create an exquisitely composed masterpiece. Majority of the album’s producer credits comes from Pharaoh Slumzyniah, himself, as Slumzy along with Exclusive Orchestra, Def Starz, The Marvel, Clyde Strokes, Xeno Carr and other talented producers, including Baltimore and War Drumz Audio Art artist Tony Bonez Sinatra.

“Thumbs Up” Tracks

My favorite tracks on No Role Models, No Rules are “Fall of Pete” featuring Hazmat Caz and “Cypress Hill” featuring Lor Bluntz & FLuX.

“Fall of Pete” is a song that’ll place you in nostalgia of west coast rap. Do you remember Snoop Dogg’s “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” The instrumental will have you thinking the music video should be set in a neighborhood similar to East Compton. I wonder if that’s something to look forward to from Mr. Slumzyniah, hmm?

“Cypress Hill” is a pothead’s anthem and we just don’t get enough of those, right? Depicted from three perspectives, the listener gets the inside to how the infamous Mary Jane comforts and provides remedy while they all float their way to solace on cloud nine.

No Role Models, No Rules is now available for download on Be sure to get your copy today! (CLICK THIS LINK FOR DOWNLOAD) Don’t forget to follow Pharaoh Slumzyniah’s social media at Pharaoh Slumzyniah on Facebook, Slum_Money on Instagram, and SKSlumzy on Twitter.

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The Music Highlight: Tony Bonez Sinatra “Mask Writter” Music Video

Yet again, I bring you another War Drumz Audio Art artist straight from B-More city. This time around it’s Tony Bonez Sinatra.

This is his latest music video for his single “Mask Writter.”

I like this song because it reminds me of the music I grew up on. You know know 90’s babies love when they hear something that sound similar to anything 90’s or early 2000’s related. Tony Bonez’s music reminds me of some old Redman and Method Man hits. Check out the assets of the video! Can you tell it’s Baltimore? Stand up!

About the Artist:

Tony Bonez started rapping at a very young age as a result of dealing with poverty during his childhood. Music became his getaway from all the issues that revolved in his life. But it wasn’t until the early 2000’s, he started writing his own rhymes and joining cyphers at school which helped gain him much respect as a fierce MC who is not to be messed with. Inspired by Redman (see, I told you it was something familiar about his style haha), Tony took up the name KidBlaq, and was later signed to an underground label Monsta Money at age 19 and took up the name Tony Bonez but shortly left to join a group known as DaUnion. A year later Bonez parted from the 4 man group after issues amongst the group and went solo. Over time he encountered SmokingAces counterpart Fly Fonzarelli. They instantly clicked. Fly introduced Bonez to the Baltimore hip-hop scene on a whole new level. Bonez since then has gained experiences with some of Baltimore’s top artist including learning from Skarr Akbarr, battling King Los, recording with the late Smash, Tiara Laniece and Yea Lano. More recently, Bonez has taken on the position as the sixth addition to the War Drumz Audio Art music label.

Earlier this year, Tony Bonez released his first EP Welcome to the Boneyard: The Rise. The mixtape is composed of 13 tracks that’ll get your head nodding to the beat for sure. My favorite track is “Do Ya Like” mainly because I love the sample of Adele in the song, but he speaks volumes in an audio picture about being intimate with a woman. I’m a woman so…do you catch my drift? Ha-ha! I’m sure he has more goodies to come along with the rest of what he has to offer. What do you think?

To hear more from Tony Bonez Sinatra, be sure to follow him on Twitter at TonyB0nez, Instagram at LongLiveBoneyard, and Facebook at TonyBonez Sinatra. Don’t forget to check out his EP Welcome to the Boneyard: The Rise on

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Creepers by Jimmi Stone

Jimmi Stone wasn’t going to leave us hanging and pondering what new things he’s been working on since the last time he was featured on Doc’s Castle Media. He submitted Creepers for our music scavengers to take a listen.

Ever heard of an herbal song? Today really is your lucky day then. My definition of an herbal song is a song that makes you think that the perfect time to listen to it is when you’re partaking in “recreational activities.” Haha! Creepers gives off that feel. I think of the hookah bar or a club with really dim lights and cloudy mist. Of course, the scene I’m depicting is in slow motion. It’s the kind of song that makes you squint your eyes like your cool or something. That BOSS feeling. Anyway, the song is cool and worth a spot on my blog. Hoped you enjoyed.

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New Winter Releases: Year of the Serpent / LSD

December and January seems to be the month of new releases from a few of Doc’s Castle Media’s favorite artist. Just like many of you, we’ve anticipated some new jams for a while. We’re glad to be first to tell you about what’s to come from two previously featured indie artist. Make sure you download these tunes to add to your collection.

Flu_x’s Year of the Serpent (December 3rd)


Last time we heard from Mr. Flu_x was with his release of single “End of the World”, December 21, 2012. Now he’s back with Year of the Serpent, a CD full of  new age soul for each listener to groove to. December 3rd was its release date and I’ve already had the pleasure of listening to this tape a shot of a million times. If you enjoy a mixture of a bit of R&B, House and Rap, you are sure to enjoy a bit of this mixtape. It has everything put into one. Twenty-eight tracks you’ll be sure to bump in your car to any destination. Obviously, I’m listening to it while I’m stuck in traffic and walking to class. You can definitely find time to listen to it, too. Make sure you take a listen and download Year of the Serpent.

Zxggy LSD (January 31st)


Since the release of his mixtape, The Party, Doc’s Castle Media has waited for what’s next from Zxggy. He’s finally clued us in. On January 31, 2014, Zxggy will start the new year with his new tape LSD. If the tape is anything like his last, we know we’ll hear different styles coming together to get us up out of seats and ready to “Turn Up.” We hope LSD will do the same in wakening the soul for a celebration we’ve all wished for. Join the countdown for LSD coming in January 2014. Download it here!

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Video Submission: YWR – Like Us (Official Video)

Young, Wild & Reckless has an official video that I would like to share with my viewers. This video submission was brought to my attention from YWR’s own Petey Millz. Watch as these boys spend a wild night at a house party that everyone ultimately wants to enjoy at least one night out of their lifetime. See “Like Us” the official video here on Doc’s Castle Media.

Check out more from Young, Wild & Reckless on Facebook, Young, Wild & Reckless Music Group Page!

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The Music Highlight: Jimmi Stone- Surfs Up

Doc’s Castle Media gets submissions from artist from all over the nation. This artist in particular submitted his work from across the country. This week’s Music Highlight is Jimmi Stone with his single “Surfs Up.”


Jimmi Stone is an artist from Seattle, Washington. He has worked with such artists as: Macklemore, Lil B, Asher Roth, and a few others. So he has developed quite a name for himself, of course. Whether on the microphone, behind the lens, or behind the scenes, Jimmi Stone has probably had some sort of connection to your favorite rapper, producer or video model. Since his first release in 2007 with the song, “Experience a Whole New Thing,” recorded and mixed by Macklemore,  he has gained extreme respect from the music industry and has gain a lengthy fan base. His unique, a head of time sound, is usually a blueprint for artists to launchpad their style and career off of. Jimmi Stone is a trendsetter. Here’s Surfs Up for you to listen to:

If you would like to keep up with Jimmi Stone and see what’s new from him, follow him on his twitter at @RealJimmiStone or subscribe to him on his YouTube Channel. Also, don’t forget to checkout Jimmi Stone on iTunes.

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New Mixtape From Z.A.Y.A. & Main Profit Titled “Dedication Motivation”


Our Texas natives, Z.A.Y.A & Main Profit,  has finally drop their long anticipated mixtape, Dedication Motivation. The mixtape dropped May 30, 2013 on Dedication Motivation was hosted by DJ CapCom. Make sure you get your copy, today. Click here to Download.

Listen to one of the song on the mixtape, below.

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