Time Waits by C. Davis & Jennifer Jackson

This week’s C. Davis Poem is a collaboration with another rising poet, Jennifer Jackson. This poem should be read as a whole and not separately. To read more from Jennifer, click here.

I look in the mirror each day and watch as I change with the seasons.
A new regime arises and my feelings betray their original design; blatant signs of treason.
They clenched my heart, aiming to restrict my blood flow.
My heart changes from red to blue and ceases to involuntarily grow.
My skin turns deep purple becoming a human born frost giant in the process.
Ice crystals swarm over and invade my pores causing my small hairs to regress.
The ice, more parasitic than symbiotic, crept beneath my flesh and attacked my cells.
A cold, burning sensation shot to the surface; my body was experiencing hell.
All body functions ceased. Only my brain continued to monitor my status.
My eyes slowly closed frozen shut. This initiated my cryogenic stasis.
Short synaptic bolts are released into the brain stem.
Inserting my last memories into my dream, distorting my rem.
They revealed the one who cause my feelings to betray me.
Angry swelled from within and the heat that arose turned cold in order to be free.
My heart, although covered in frozen tundra, still desired that warm, sensitive touch.
How long could it endure without having no feelings? This is quite the hindering crutch.
Time is supposed to heal all abrasions to a certain degree.
But the longer I wait it seems that I will never be free.
Since time waits for no man and moves of its own accord
I offer the rulers of fate my soul for one last ounce hope, the only thing I could afford.
Now I’m at a standstill, having done everything possible with my power.
Hopefully someone arrives before my 25th hour.
May they have the ability to reverse the things thought could not be undone.
For my heart only responds to golden skin radiated by the sun.

C. Davis

As the sun shines bright and my voice prompts you to flourish. The summer has arrived so as a melanated queen I can nourish your mind and your soul. I heard a heartbeat. For so long you were in a coma and now you’re trying to speak. But I left you alone all winter; you had to learn to hibernate. For what will you do when you’re left to your own resources without a mate? This will happen soon. I will retreat to the dark side of the moon until you regain your strength to smile in my direction and I can use your reflection, abuse the rejection, and consume the obsession with the day. I, at night, am stronger than the fight you put up. And unfortunately with great strength comes great power. For an entire season, I had to bloom those flowers, yet you killed them. And over time I learned that this connection will only cause brief erection in selection of the survival of the fittest. Through all the nights I endured in the cold and the dark since you fell and weren’t there to catch me, I became the bitterest. I took a sudden interest in the stars and they never grew apart as we grew closer. Thinking absence would make the heart fonder but the longer you took the more time it’s gonna take me. I should be the one laying in the sun but that golden shine loves me no more. It has built your new home and the shade is mine. Sadly without your light, there’s no reflection….save me before we completely run out of time.

Jennifer Jackson

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Chapter 4: Becoming A Man

Every night since the forthcoming of my metamorphic change

Success seems to continuously linger outside of my range.

And as daunting to me as this occurrence may seem,

My subconscious also continues to recreate for me the same sequences of a dream.

I, a lone wolf, tired and ragged, stumble upon a colony full of sheep.

I bare my fangs at my prey but what I really want to do is sleep.

I’m seated at a table with an umbrella to keep me out of the sun.

I sip my water with my head down for I was on the run.

Immediately I’m approached by a sheriff with his revolver pointed and holstered by his hand.

He calmly sits down in front of me and asks “What are your aspirations? Any future plans?”

At that moment I awake with my t-shirt soaked from a rush of cold sweat.

As if the message was that the art running away was the same as welcoming my death.

Sunlight pierced through my blinds screaming rise and shine.

No more incessant rolling around, time to get up and grind.

I packed my things and prepared for my life long journey.

Carry the memories of my loved ones so I won’t be so lonely.

The first step was hard; I hesitated when it came time to touch the pavement.

The second step was worst; the asphalt started to reflect the heat filling me with resentment.

And the journey begins forever etching my footprint into the Earth.

Now it’s on to prove to myself, ultimately, my worth.

Left, right, left, right; watch the young trooper remain focused on his march.

Soon hours turn to days and the journey slowly removes my foot’s natural arch.

Time for a pit stop for I am hungry and tired from enduring life’s test.

Served encouraging thoughts on a warm plate in order to induce a serene meditative rest.

Suddenly I jump up bloodshot eyed for my slumber didn’t go as predicted.

I’m forced to rise with the moon and the sun for there is no rest for the wicked.

Days have turned to months and I no longer want this adventure to be over.

I smile at the coming times where I will indulge on the moments of getting older.

I’ve met others who like me have gone on a search for self glory.

Each person I encountered offered pieces of themselves and shared their story.

Those tales helped strengthen my resolve and thrust me forward.

Maybe in the future I’ll bear witness to the delicious fruits grown in my orchard.

Years have passed and look at how far I have come.

Strong willed and goal driven. I’m proud of the man I’ve become.

My eyes have sharpened to the point where I can clearly see the road ahead of me.

It was plagued by the encounter of another road perpendicular to itself creating a large T.

I walked to the center of the road and pulled out my flashlight.

The light revealed two possible futures when shined from left to right.

Riddled with conflicting choices, I closed my eyes for a possible solution.

I dropped the flashlight and proceeded to engage a revolution.

My mind’s eye was soon blinded by what seemed to be an array of spectral beams.

Follow me as I create my own path within my lucid dreams.

-C. Davis

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Chapter 3: The Metamorphosis

I rest frozen on my knees and my head tilted toward the sky.

My eyes slowly turning white as my old persona proceeds to wither and die.

The ghosts of my past further the process to obscure my vision.

My soul desperately struggles to escape this bodily prison.

Muscles are ceasing function and brain no longer performing synaptic feats.

I’ll just pay for the actions of my sins and accept my defeat.

But what I noticed before arriving to my final moment.

Is that my soul refused to accept any forms of judgment.

What most don’t know is that the soul continues to thrive when the mind and body can’t be operated.

And in some cases the body and mind become anew and life is reincarnated.

Before I could step towards embarking on a new expedition

My soul guided me to a grand tapestry woven of past successes and malfunctions.

It was hard watching my life standing right before my eyes.

All the scars, pain, and anguish I inflicted on others; I wish they were all lies.

Suddenly my nerves produced a spark; a sign that regeneration is taking place.

In response, opaque eyes released translucent tears that streamed down my face.

Each tear I shed relinquished a sin embedded beneath my skin.

I was beginning to forgive myself and consciousness swelled from within.

My soul soon began to grow to an uncontrollable size.

Its purpose was to entrust me with a new body as my prize.

The shell of my former self slightly grew then cracked at the pressure.

The light from my soul pierced through the cracks creating luminous fissures.

After a sequence of breaks, the light receded below.

Silence filled the air and the shell appeared to be hollow.

Suddenly the shell broke, dissolving into fine powder.

And there stood a being glowing with profound power.

Inhaling and exhaling, my lungs filled with air and feeling refreshed.

I have arisen from my ashes as a phoenix masked in human flesh.

With a new life and new purpose, it’s now time to develop a new plan.

Headed toward a brighter future; guided by events of the past. This is my journey to becoming a man.

-C. Davis

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Team CREATE by Christopher Davis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at https://docscastle.wordpress.com/category/c-davis-poems/.
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Chapter 2: Enter the Monster

Do you want to know how I feel right now?

Peer into the eyes of my newest victim as their body forces them to bow.

Wearing a blood stained shirt while licking blood off my palm.

Victim grasped by fear while I smile coldly and calm.

She looks up at me and I flick her in her head.

Her body falls back; emotions leaking from of her chest. Yes, she is emotionally dead.

To finish off my work of art, I crushed her precious heart.

And in turn further spread the pain within my emotionless heart.

So to suppress the hurt from my internal infliction

I must drench my hands in others emotions to support my dopamine addiction.

You don’t know how good those feelings taste.

From sadness to happiness nothing ever goes to waste.

Strangely there was something wrong with this last meal.

The feelings tasted too raw; I was fooled by their delicate appeal.

From then on, each feeling I encountered was just as raw as my first one.

Slowly my stomach began to feel full moments after my feast had begun.

The mind fiends for the dopamine, but the stomach can no longer digest the emotions.

The body struggles to fend off hunger while enduring the internal hierarchy commotions.

Why now? Couldn’t this have waited until I’d gotten older?

Soon I began to see my victims and hear their voices within my head grow louder.

Haunted by their memories; they attempt to induce my insanity.

Screaming, holding my head using all forms of profanity.

The noise slowly seeped in to the deepest parts of me.

Revealing emotions that laid hidden subconsciously.

My body started to heat up, peaking at critical mass.

Skin cracking, mind opening, I don’t know how long I’m going to last.

Old and foreign emotions finally mixed together in a bodily composition.

Now forcing my mind to come to an agreeable proposition.

I will feel the change of my world through every pore and orifice.

For now watch as I mimic my insect counterpart through my human metamorphosis.

-C. Davis

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Chapter 1: Free The Beast by C. Davis

From the moment of birth, the subconscious keeps the instinct at bay.

So the mental state proceeds to develop in an odd, peculiar way.

In its early stages, the subconscious helps its Host develop poise and character.

With that came respect and the ability to overcome any racial and ethnical barrier.

As the subconscious spurs the Host’s growth, the instinct begins to growl in envy.

Why won’t you pay attention?! Why do you keep denying me?!

From this moment forward, begins the mental struggle and never ending rivalry.

To think things through or act out as the feelings come naturally.

The internal war brought nothing short of destruction and mental pain.

And each battle had a different effect on the Host’s brain.

The Host developed small headaches which were quelled by over-the-counter drugs.

This remedy was only temporary and swept the real damage under the rug.

The small headaches returned more frequently and were increasingly reinforced.

The Host slowly became less caring and showed compassion that seemed a little forced.

Subconscious was once strong enough to help the Host resist any instinctual impulses.

Now weakened by time, the subconscious frequently falters and the instinct loudly rejoices.

From Advil to Excedrin, nothing seemed to soothe these migraines.

Synaptic reactions ceased and the Host became insane.

This was only the beginning of the instinct’s plan.

With the subconscious gone, the Host would follow the instinct’s every command.

First order of business was to get use to all these phenomenal powers.

Once mastered it was off to conquering societal towers.

But don’t count the subconscious out yet, it still had some fight.

And it knew it would take everything to make things right.

Last fight. Last round. The location is the mid-brain alter.

Outside the mind, the Host is interacting with another.

Jab, jab, hook, jab, followed by a kick in the chest.

The subconscious was no match for the instinct who was at its best.

The victor became king while the loser was locked in prison.

Meanwhile the Host made an unsightly decision.

It took the emotions locked in the other Host’s heart.

Then feasted, digested, and tore the remains apart.

Instinct and Host fully synced and haunted by emotional hunger.

Now steadily carves a bloodthirsty path, changing from beast to a monster.

-C. Davis


Creative Commons License
Team CREATE by Christopher Davis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at https://docscastle.wordpress.com/category/c-davis-poems/.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://docscastle.wordpress.com/my-other-pages/.

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Egyptian Prophecy by C. Davis

Since the moment you were born, you were faced with constant attacks from failure and sadness.

Yet you felt that your existence on this planet was meant for a superior purpose.

No signs of praise or encouragement from your friends or family.

Tired of the pain, you escape to the museum; Soothing your mind with thoughts of ancient history.

Wandering around for hours you stumble upon a dark corner.

And beneath the sheath of the darkness was an artifact covered in a mysterious aura.

Drawn towards it, you approach with caution.

Touching it slightly, you slip into what seemed to be another dimension.

You awoke in the same establishment but it seemed to be many years prior.

You emerged from the temple-like structure and witnessed the area engulfed by fire.

At first you were filled with fright but the heat of the flames hugged you and calmed you down.

Daringly you walked onto the scorched earth and the flames merged with the ground.

Survivors of the tragedy took time to bury their dead.

Then returned to presence and bowed as if you were the new Head.

An elderly woman was brought before you with bright red burns as if she was marked with dye.

You looked past her infliction and focused more on her left eye.

See the right eye was healthy and filled with pure thoughts and truths.

And her left eye was haunted by the sights of lies and untruths.

Feeling pity for one burdened with such a fate

You put your forehead on hers, prayed to the heavens, and opened up her mind’s gate.

Both of you slowly parted ways and she kisses you on your hand.

And her forehead revealed a thousand-petal lotus with a lavender-colored tan.

She turned around and not a sound from the crowd was heard.

They only responded by closing their eyes and received her thoughts as if they were spoken words.

This event became one of your greatest moments of your time.

And the fact others could not marvel in it was the only crime.

At that moment, the past proceeded to retreat to your rear.

And before you knew it, the modern day museum had reappeared.

You soon realized the significance of your journey to the earlier era.

It was your duty to bear witness to the results of life-long human error.

When the human race could not control the flow of knowledge, they began to run wild.

It could only be fully understood through the teachings of Ra’s child.

The child’s innocence made it pure while its divine lineage made its truth all powerful.

And its bright yellow essence would only illuminate through a handful.

As powerful and warm as the sun, this power is something to behold.

You turn toward the tome and thank the ancient herald.

Now it’s time to embark on the path of your destiny.

To awake those who are third eye blind as foretold in the Egyptian prophecy.

-C. Davis


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