Think Like A Man 2, See The Preview

As if the first one wasn’t enough, the producers decided there was a need for a second one. After seeing the preview for Think Like A Man 2, I immediately thought “What’s the point? Why are they still thinking like men?”

The first Think Like A Man was based from Steve Harvey’s best selling book, which was dedicated to women seeking to find ways to get and keep a man. The women in this movie found the love they’ve been searching for. So if the plot was reached, why are they still thinking like men?

Looking at the previews for this film, someone’s getting married and everyone is off to Las Vegas to celebrate as bachelors and bachelorettes. Sounds kind of familiar doesn’t it? (Hint hint, The Hangover.) Characters party as if their teenagers entering their freshman year of college. I guess, this makes sense. But what does this have to do with the book? Did producers throw thoughts of the book out the window?

I’m sort of doubting this summer film. But we’ll only know how good it is if we go see it on June 20, 2014.

iPhone 6 Rumors are Reaching Our Ears

This may be one of the moments many of you’ve been waiting for. Though Apple has not confirmed these images as what consumers can expect for the highly anticipated smart phone, popular news outlet Business Insider has shared what they believe to be the new look for the iPhone 6.  I know, I know. It wasn’t too long ago that the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c was release to the public. But you know how Apple can be. They bring something for us every year. Also, Apple does everything so secretive that we have 50 million people coming up with predictions for what new features this got-to-have phone will deliver. So here we are with rumor number one. Do you like what you see?

I’m sure you hear about the game that makes you feel every murder you commit?