Alissa Feré Releases Title & Promo Art For Spring 2015 Project

Something new had to be brewing in the Doc’s Castle Media kitchen for there to be such a long and lasting silence. It’s been almost a month since my last blog post….sorry, guys.


My silence is partially justified with the new goals I’ve acquired throughout the last two quarters of 2014. While I’ve aspired to become a master resumé and songwriter, I’ve neglected my original hobby for writing blogs. But as you can see, I always come back of course.

Since May 2014, I took on a mission to complete my bucket list, which I thought would be easy to do. I was sadly mistaken, and since then, I’ve even added more tasks to my bucket list. I can’t help the feeling I get from accomplishing a new goal. Though sooner or later, I’ll have to set limitations on these goals because I don’t know how much of my list I’m willing to take on now. Haha.

*Look at me trying to talk myself out of it, on the low.*

One of the tasks I’ve added to my lengthy list is the release of my 2015 mixtape. It began another duty on my list the moment after I released “José (Liquor Talkn).” Eight months later, I give you the promotional art for my project!


Songs From Da Dugout is as general as it sounds. It’s a project compromised of multiple tracks about my life, or emotions I’ve experienced, between the time period of May, when I released José (Liquor Talkn), and January. All the songs were recorded in Baltimore city studio The Dugout Dojo with head producer and artist FLuX. (Listen to latest FLuX track “In The Air,” here.)

Songs From Da Dugout is an EP formulated to speak on the thoughts and emotions of a woman in heartache. Feel the agony and scornful words of Alissa Feré as I speak upon situations every girl can relate to, and every man probably heard of before. Listen to a new rhythmic style only sure to be found in underground Baltimore hip-hop.

*Alright, the tape is basically my perspective of what I’d like to say to a few people when I’m not feeling up for the bulls****! Ya feel me?*

Songs From Da Dugout is expected to drop early March 2015. In the meantime, be sure to listen to two tracks from my mixtape on Soundcloud under playlist labeled “Singles.”

Are any of your favorite indie artist releasing any projects that you’re anticipating? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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The Music Highlight: Tony Bonez Sinatra “Mask Writter” Music Video

Yet again, I bring you another War Drumz Audio Art artist straight from B-More city. This time around it’s Tony Bonez Sinatra.

This is his latest music video for his single “Mask Writter.”

I like this song because it reminds me of the music I grew up on. You know know 90’s babies love when they hear something that sound similar to anything 90’s or early 2000’s related. Tony Bonez’s music reminds me of some old Redman and Method Man hits. Check out the assets of the video! Can you tell it’s Baltimore? Stand up!

About the Artist:

Tony Bonez started rapping at a very young age as a result of dealing with poverty during his childhood. Music became his getaway from all the issues that revolved in his life. But it wasn’t until the early 2000’s, he started writing his own rhymes and joining cyphers at school which helped gain him much respect as a fierce MC who is not to be messed with. Inspired by Redman (see, I told you it was something familiar about his style haha), Tony took up the name KidBlaq, and was later signed to an underground label Monsta Money at age 19 and took up the name Tony Bonez but shortly left to join a group known as DaUnion. A year later Bonez parted from the 4 man group after issues amongst the group and went solo. Over time he encountered SmokingAces counterpart Fly Fonzarelli. They instantly clicked. Fly introduced Bonez to the Baltimore hip-hop scene on a whole new level. Bonez since then has gained experiences with some of Baltimore’s top artist including learning from Skarr Akbarr, battling King Los, recording with the late Smash, Tiara Laniece and Yea Lano. More recently, Bonez has taken on the position as the sixth addition to the War Drumz Audio Art music label.

Earlier this year, Tony Bonez released his first EP Welcome to the Boneyard: The Rise. The mixtape is composed of 13 tracks that’ll get your head nodding to the beat for sure. My favorite track is “Do Ya Like” mainly because I love the sample of Adele in the song, but he speaks volumes in an audio picture about being intimate with a woman. I’m a woman so…do you catch my drift? Ha-ha! I’m sure he has more goodies to come along with the rest of what he has to offer. What do you think?

To hear more from Tony Bonez Sinatra, be sure to follow him on Twitter at TonyB0nez, Instagram at LongLiveBoneyard, and Facebook at TonyBonez Sinatra. Don’t forget to check out his EP Welcome to the Boneyard: The Rise on

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The Music Highlight: Jimmi Stone- Surfs Up

Doc’s Castle Media gets submissions from artist from all over the nation. This artist in particular submitted his work from across the country. This week’s Music Highlight is Jimmi Stone with his single “Surfs Up.”


Jimmi Stone is an artist from Seattle, Washington. He has worked with such artists as: Macklemore, Lil B, Asher Roth, and a few others. So he has developed quite a name for himself, of course. Whether on the microphone, behind the lens, or behind the scenes, Jimmi Stone has probably had some sort of connection to your favorite rapper, producer or video model. Since his first release in 2007 with the song, “Experience a Whole New Thing,” recorded and mixed by Macklemore,  he has gained extreme respect from the music industry and has gain a lengthy fan base. His unique, a head of time sound, is usually a blueprint for artists to launchpad their style and career off of. Jimmi Stone is a trendsetter. Here’s Surfs Up for you to listen to:

If you would like to keep up with Jimmi Stone and see what’s new from him, follow him on his twitter at @RealJimmiStone or subscribe to him on his YouTube Channel. Also, don’t forget to checkout Jimmi Stone on iTunes.

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The Music Highlight: FluX “End of the World”

Hey, hey, hey!!! Doc’s Castle Media is starting 2013 right with a new Music Highlight! Do you guys know FluX? If not, you have to know him now because you’ve been missing out on one of Baltimore’s sweetest talents. I’ve known FluX for 4 years now and what an awesome artist he is indeed.


Indulge in the Arts at the age of 6, Cory “FLuX” Moore born December 3rd 1990, got involved in music at the age of 12 after meeting childhood friends James “Jimmy Jabbz” Bumbray and Quinn “Ceazo” Parham. After a failed attempt to form a rap group, FluX went through multiple changes with his artist name, from names as bad as “fly guy” to “Conflict Edmondson”. Later years of lyrical practiced and song composition he meets up with fellow artist Terrance “Slumzy” David and Bernard “Big Thraxx” Maiden, who help him develop as an artist and worked with him all throughout high school years. Finally after years of contemplation, decided on the name FLuX, (floo•eks) having multiple meanings which he feels all confide within him. One definition being to flow, another to melt, and lastly fusion and a continuous change, which is his favorite. Around 2009, FluX became a little more interested in the production of his work. During that year, he began working with Big Thraxx for about a year on “Elevator MusiQ,” but the project was lost and never released until after his first mixtape “Sounds from a Toy Box”. Taking more time for practice and to obtain better equipment, that very next year he dropped “Elevator MusiQ,” and this year he gave us fellow artist AlterN8ive’s mixtape “ThanksGiving” and his mixtape “Routine.” After co-creating Slumzy’s Villnz and his brand under their War Drums Audio Art label, the only question standing is where will he go from here?

Check out one of his songs from his mixtape “Routine”:

FluX is currently working on a project with Slumzy now called Frog&Toad (if u remember the nursery book.) He also is working on his personal upcoming mix call VILLNZ. On this tape, there’s a single for the day the world was supposed to end, December 21, 2012. Check out “End of the World” and the rest of WDAA Music, here.

FluX likes to do collabs! If your interested in working with or even just talking to him, feel free to hit him on Twitter at @ChemicalFlu_X or like his page on Facebook, whatever you like.

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