Sign Petition For Baltimore’s Running Man To Be Endorsed By Sports Apparel Company Under Armour

Our hearts weighed heavy with reports of Baltimore legendary figure being subjected to gang violence this past week.


A Baltimore police report confirmed that Keith Boissiere was attacked on Thursday in Southwest Baltimore on the 2700 block of Wilkens Ave. When someone attacked him, punching him several times in his left eye, Boissiere was still able to flag down a police officer for assistance. He refused medical treatment when police suggested.

Social media flooded with statuses of anger and disgust as a man, many people grew up watching run through their neighborhoods, was harmed by a group of heedless thugs.

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Stated online at Go Petition:

Please help Keith THE RUNNING MAN Boissiere, get an Under Armour contract. Who would be a better spokesperson for running gear than him? Also the running man is a Baltimore Icon who needs a Kidney transplant.

The reason the Running Man is such an icon in this city is because he represents a sense of freedom and peace, among other things including keeping in tip-top shape as we all should strive to do as human beings.

Mr. Boissiere as served as an beacon of inspiration among many of Baltimore’s residents and he has done this quietly never seeking accolades. I strongly feel that it is time he be recognized and given his just do. My only fear is that The Running Man’s modesty will keep him from accepting.

So please sign this petition because if he does not get a kidney it will end his running days and probably his life. Therefore the citizens of Baltimore need to come together and show how much we care for an Icon that represents the best of our city.

Will you take the time to sign the petition, today? Help a Baltimore Legend THE RUNNING MAN by clicking this link.

Sign The Petition

Sign THIS Petition


Sign The Petition

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Win Tickets to See Kat Dahlia This Sunday Nov. 16

This Sunday, November 16th, Kat Dahlia’s coming to Baltimore Soundstage and Doc’s Castle Media is running a contest to get you some free tickets to come see her perform!

Do you know Kat Dahlia?

She’s coming to show Baltimore what she’s all about, and hopefully, what she’s has in store for her debut album “Garden,” set to release January of 2015. I can’t wait! Can you? As a celebration for her new release, Doc’s Castle Media giving our most dedicated readers who are Kat Dahlia fans two reserved tickets to this Sunday’s show!

Do you know Kat Dahlia? If you’re able to answer all four questions correctly, you’ll qualify for two free tickets to see the beautiful and very talented Kat Dahlia. So here’s how it works…

If you answer all four questions below correctly, you’ll receive an email from Doc’s Castle Media congratulating you, along with more information for how to obtain your free tickets. So are you ready?

Who is Kat Dahlia?

Also, this Sunday, see Baltimore recording artist 4thQu perform for the first time in front of a live audience.


4thQu has a reputation of choosing the anonymous path of exposure as he pursues his musical career, which means there isn’t many chances we get to see the kid perform. Talk about building up suspense. 4thQu has done just that for quite some time. So it’s a must see to watch him perform ahead of Kat Dahlia.

Check out one of my favorites from 4thQu! Listen to Nostalgia by 4thQu, below.

Would you like more contest like this under Doc’s Castle Media? Leave your feedback in the comments below.


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VOTE NOW for the Baltimore Music Awards Nominees


The polls are now OPEN.

I want you guys to know that your participation in this voting process truly matters!

There are many folks like me who want to reward talented people who strive to get recognition for their artwork. Diamond K has put a lot of effort in creating an annual celebration in the Baltimore hip-hop scene. This year is the 4th Annual Baltimore Music Awards, here to honor all those hardworking and very talented artists and entrepreneurs for their great contributions to hip-hop culture.

If you take the time to cast your ballot and spread the word about any of the music awards ceremonies I’ve shared to Doc’s Castle Media, you are making the conscious decision to improve the way people view the DMV. We can make a difference with the attention and participation of the masses. So take your time voting for who you believe deserves each award. Research who you see. Listen to some of their work. Be active, not idle, in the decision to put this region on the map.

Vote NOW!


VOTE now!


Doc Talks About Supporting Artists In Baltimore With @BaltimoreFlavaRadio

What did you do this past Friday? Did you tune into Baltimore Flava Radio, syndicated on Baltimore Internet radio station WPB Radio?

Last Friday, I was on Baltimore Flava Radio’s as a guest speakers to talk about the infamous topic that’s been stirring up quite a controversy; what’s wrong with these Baltimore artist’s that have this crabs-in-a-barrel mentality and why is it a lack for support for other artists here?

Antwon, one of the show’s hosts, came across my article, “#NewBaltimore or #OldBaltimore, We’re All Crabs,” while surfing the web, one day, and apparently loved it. I’m flattered, haha. But really, I’m glad he enjoyed reading it and offered the opportunity to come talk about it on his show.

I thought about all of you and made sure to have it recorded so I could share it with some of my readers who were out partying Friday night, instead of doing what my article says. It’s okay and I forgive you for missing it, haha. You may still have a listen, here.

Thanks for watching. I can’t tell you how much it means to have such a wonderful group of supporters supporting me talk about supporting one another.

This is a start to changing this city’s reputation. You choosing to do this is showing that you’re defying my theories of being crabs. This is exactly what I want you to do, show the rest of the world that we aren’t crabs. We care about our city’s talent reaching new levels of success. We want to see them do better. We want to show the rest of the world what we’re capable of. Let’s keep it up!

Let’s start by supporting Baltimore Flava Radio! Follow them on Twitter at @BatimoreFlavaRadio and Instagram at @BaltimoreFlavaRadio. Join their group on Facebook and get active. Share the love!

What resources do you think Baltimore needs to help artist here progress to the next level of success? Leave your comments below.

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Time To Take A Doc’s Castle Media Break



Don’t let this come as a surprise to you. I’m taking a blogger’s break and here’s why…

You ever had one of those moments where you’re sitting around thinking of the many things you could be accomplishing but aren’t because you find yourself being too busy trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing? Have you ever felt that moment when you realize you’re losing interest in something because you’re seeking approval of your brand? I feel like that in the chase of trying to find a purpose for Doc’s Castle Media.


There are so many reasons I could list for why I’m losing interest in what I currently do for DCM. (I won’t be posting them here. I might be posting my reasons in a future post.) As I’m getting older, I’m constantly questioning what’s more important to me. I’d rather stick to things that will keep me happy than working for the approval of someone else. So as I’m working for Doc’s Castle Media, I’m seeing I’m losing the love I once had for my blog site because I feel the pressure that comes with being one of Baltimore’s sought after small entertainment bloggers.

I’m a drifter. I started to pick up on that as time passed by. People would often asked me what I wanted to do as a career when I get older. My reply always varied within the arts until I reached the age of 21, where I rarely gave an answer at all. My reply became “I don’t know, probably something in the communications field.” Today, I still don’t know and my reply is the same. I “lowkey” hate that. I just want to be able to do what the hell I want and be appreciated for it. I don’t know why something as simple as that is so hard to do. When I feel like it’s not happening, I know things have to change. So here I stand trying to use my drifter abilities the best way I can.

It’s important for me to let you know that I’ll be on a mini disappearance because a lot of you have kept a continuous and very loyal following by reading whatever new posts I’ve published to the blog. I definitely don’t want to leave anyone assed out. Some people even expressed on my status where I first announce me going MIA that I’ll be missed. Thanks!

Will I Be Gone Forever?

Not even! I might even publish something after I post this. I just wanted to let people know in case there was a delay in my postings and if any of you would start to question my absence.

I’ll continue to guest blog and write for other sites in the meantime. But I’m trying to figure what I can do for Doc’s Castle Media that won’t make me revert to thinking about all the negative thoughts that I’ve developed about writing for Doc’s Castle Media.

I want to stay far away from becoming a grumpy person who’s frustrated about her art as long as possible. I don’t want the fun behind what I do to be taken away from me. I seek that feeling of a childlike sense of wonder in majority of what I do. If the feeling I get from writing becomes a dreadful duty, I would not know where I’d choose to go for my future because writing about what I feel, think, and believe helps give me purpose. I can’t lose that. I owned this talent. I’d be damned to lose it!

I don’t know how long I’m going to take a time out, though I’m always writing.

What I’ll be doing in the meantime…

I consider myself to be an “artistic writer.” So I’ll be practicing different mediums of writing during my quiet time. If you guys haven’t already been keeping up with me on my social sites, I’ve mentioned my interest in doing some songwriting, screenwriting, and book writing. In the future, you may see new pieces done from any of the three. I’ll also be continuing to guest blog for people at their requests and keeping my spirits and other’s spirits high in supporting other writers. So I may be quiet here, but I’m not completely silent.

What I’m expecting to come from this…

First, I expect to gain some kind of wisdom. I want to know myself better. I want to be able to place a better focus for where I’m going with myself. Second, I’m expecting to exercise my creative strengths while practicing writing other mediums. Lastly, I’ll be grasping for all hope in keeping my childlike sense of wonder while doing this because I do not want to turn writing into a dreaded job. Writing is a career. It’s been a hobby since I was 12 and I plan to enjoy doing it for the rest of my life.

So please be so kind to have some understanding while I go on this mini break. I’ll be posting other writings on other platforms. If you follow me on any of my social sites, I’ll direct you to them with the proper links when done. Thank you for all your support!

Artsy Stuff: “Day 5,” A Short Horror Film Directed by Baltimore’s Own Petey Millz

During the month of October, Doc’s Castle Media takes time to recognize independent horror films in honor of Halloween. I rarely find local, from the DMV, submissions in this genre. I’m usually digging around YouTube for short films. But this video came easily, and I found it quite intriguing and had to post it for others to see. There are some really talented folks out there.

This submission was sent to us by rapper, producer, and more recently added title, director Petey Millz. Day 5 was also produced and performed by the talented Andrew Michael. Both artists, prior to this project, have developing portfolios of awesome work.

As for Day 5, this duo has proven while producing this film that they’re worthy of entering the playing field alongside other indie filmmakers. I can’t wait to see what more they have to offer. Check em out…

What do you think about Day 5? Are you looking forward to more short films from Petey Millz and Andrew Michael? Leave your comments below.

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