But My Friend Told Me So


Recently, I was watching TV and this commercial came on that stated “acne hates magnets because my friend told me so.” After hearing that, I had to comment.  Throughout grade school you and your friends will talk about a variety of subjects from what foods to eat to sex. But even though you might believe everything your friends say, it doesn’t mean that it’s true.

In middle school and in high school, you’ll learn new things and throughout this journey everyone is going to believe they’re right about something. But since everyone is still learning, some people can’t possible know all the answers.  On top of that, some of your friends might not be telling the truth. They could be afraid of who you are, but might not want to seem like a “punk.” So they agree with what you do or might say, “Oh yeah, that’s right,” knowing that it might not be.

I’ll give you guys an example.  While I was in high school, I had a friend talking with a group of people who were discussing sex. They were talking about the possibilities of a girl not getting pregnant, one way being by the girl sitting on top of a boy, and another way by a girl having sex it in the pool.  I’ll tell you that neither one of these ways is correct, a girl can still get pregnant! So in this case, would you listen to you friends?

Group Discussion

Here’s another example. I heard someone say once, “My mom doesn’t know everything. My friend knows so much more.”  Look, I know at this age you don’t always want to believe your mother. Since your friends are closer to your age, you want to believe them because they can relate more. But in this generation, there’s TV shows and the Internet influencing everyone’s decisions. Your friends could be telling you about what they’re watching. They might even suggest you to look up using these resources to prove their point. But you have to remember that even television and the Internet could be wrong.

Listening to friends

To get the truth and information for making decisions, you could gather examples from many others and think about it or if all else fail try it out yourself.  (Disclaimer: Please do not do anything that will truly harm yourself or anyone else.)   I’ve always had a friend that believed they were right all the time. The best thing I think you should do is ask a few other people, like an adult you can talk to and trust or a young adult you look up to, and put the pieces together. Figure out what to truly believe.  Life as a teenager is all about learning. Everything is a learning process.  With this blog entry, I hope this’ll help you throughout your journey and get you thinking before you take what you do for face value. Do your research!

Peace and love,


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“Free Mind” for Free Minded People

What I admire about some of the people in Baltimore is the desire to strive and their want to help those to strive. I know so many people who want to get far. Indeed, those people come to Doc’s Castle Media for a little boost. But who am going to write about today is someone I reached out to that I want to support and I believe has a great idea. Have you thought about getting some new clothes from “Free Minds™ Clothing Co.? I bet you’ll consider it after you hear about the company.


“Free Minds™ Clothing Co. was founded by Christopher Morton, on the belief that nothing is impossible. Free Minds wasn’t created by an established clothing designer, but an everyday hard-working young adult with huge ambitions.” And according to this young CEO, his company strives to achieve these five goals:

  • Encourage individuals to be who they truly are, despite what others may think, or what is popular at the time.
  • Encourage individuals to reach their dreams.
  • Promote an educated and positive environment among their supporters, as they attempt to grow our support base.
  • Provide a personal connection with each of their supporters.
  • Be involved with people and events that aspire to create a better society.
  • And above all, Free Minds strives to offer people reasons to purchase their items and support them.


Although Free Minds™ Clothing Co. plans to create good quality by thinking about their supporters, providing fashionable clothing and being the next trend is not their priority. Christopher Morton wants more than that. Free Minds™ Clothing Co. should be remembered. For Christopher, what’s “hot” is always subject to change; whereas, what’s meaningful tends to last longer.

The people at Free Minds™ Clothing Co. believe it’s always just a matter of time before something great makes a breakthrough, and they plan to be something great. I agree with them. Free Minds™ Clothing Co. and Doc’s Castle Media will be great someday.

You can buy attire from Free Minds™ Clothing Co. today. Just make sure you order your purchase to support once you’ve finish reading this blog. Also, “like” Free Minds™ Clothing Co. on Facebook at Free Minds Clothing Co. and “follow” them on Twitter at @FREE_MiNDS.

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Chapter 3: The Metamorphosis

I rest frozen on my knees and my head tilted toward the sky.

My eyes slowly turning white as my old persona proceeds to wither and die.

The ghosts of my past further the process to obscure my vision.

My soul desperately struggles to escape this bodily prison.

Muscles are ceasing function and brain no longer performing synaptic feats.

I’ll just pay for the actions of my sins and accept my defeat.

But what I noticed before arriving to my final moment.

Is that my soul refused to accept any forms of judgment.

What most don’t know is that the soul continues to thrive when the mind and body can’t be operated.

And in some cases the body and mind become anew and life is reincarnated.

Before I could step towards embarking on a new expedition

My soul guided me to a grand tapestry woven of past successes and malfunctions.

It was hard watching my life standing right before my eyes.

All the scars, pain, and anguish I inflicted on others; I wish they were all lies.

Suddenly my nerves produced a spark; a sign that regeneration is taking place.

In response, opaque eyes released translucent tears that streamed down my face.

Each tear I shed relinquished a sin embedded beneath my skin.

I was beginning to forgive myself and consciousness swelled from within.

My soul soon began to grow to an uncontrollable size.

Its purpose was to entrust me with a new body as my prize.

The shell of my former self slightly grew then cracked at the pressure.

The light from my soul pierced through the cracks creating luminous fissures.

After a sequence of breaks, the light receded below.

Silence filled the air and the shell appeared to be hollow.

Suddenly the shell broke, dissolving into fine powder.

And there stood a being glowing with profound power.

Inhaling and exhaling, my lungs filled with air and feeling refreshed.

I have arisen from my ashes as a phoenix masked in human flesh.

With a new life and new purpose, it’s now time to develop a new plan.

Headed toward a brighter future; guided by events of the past. This is my journey to becoming a man.

-C. Davis

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Egyptian Prophecy by C. Davis

Since the moment you were born, you were faced with constant attacks from failure and sadness.

Yet you felt that your existence on this planet was meant for a superior purpose.

No signs of praise or encouragement from your friends or family.

Tired of the pain, you escape to the museum; Soothing your mind with thoughts of ancient history.

Wandering around for hours you stumble upon a dark corner.

And beneath the sheath of the darkness was an artifact covered in a mysterious aura.

Drawn towards it, you approach with caution.

Touching it slightly, you slip into what seemed to be another dimension.

You awoke in the same establishment but it seemed to be many years prior.

You emerged from the temple-like structure and witnessed the area engulfed by fire.

At first you were filled with fright but the heat of the flames hugged you and calmed you down.

Daringly you walked onto the scorched earth and the flames merged with the ground.

Survivors of the tragedy took time to bury their dead.

Then returned to presence and bowed as if you were the new Head.

An elderly woman was brought before you with bright red burns as if she was marked with dye.

You looked past her infliction and focused more on her left eye.

See the right eye was healthy and filled with pure thoughts and truths.

And her left eye was haunted by the sights of lies and untruths.

Feeling pity for one burdened with such a fate

You put your forehead on hers, prayed to the heavens, and opened up her mind’s gate.

Both of you slowly parted ways and she kisses you on your hand.

And her forehead revealed a thousand-petal lotus with a lavender-colored tan.

She turned around and not a sound from the crowd was heard.

They only responded by closing their eyes and received her thoughts as if they were spoken words.

This event became one of your greatest moments of your time.

And the fact others could not marvel in it was the only crime.

At that moment, the past proceeded to retreat to your rear.

And before you knew it, the modern day museum had reappeared.

You soon realized the significance of your journey to the earlier era.

It was your duty to bear witness to the results of life-long human error.

When the human race could not control the flow of knowledge, they began to run wild.

It could only be fully understood through the teachings of Ra’s child.

The child’s innocence made it pure while its divine lineage made its truth all powerful.

And its bright yellow essence would only illuminate through a handful.

As powerful and warm as the sun, this power is something to behold.

You turn toward the tome and thank the ancient herald.

Now it’s time to embark on the path of your destiny.

To awake those who are third eye blind as foretold in the Egyptian prophecy.

-C. Davis


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The Rain by C. Davis

A sharp pain just pierced my chest.

I don’t feel the warmth of blood pouring from my breast.

My body hadn’t changed and my persona didn’t differ

So I close my eyes to get a better picture.

In the little red room they call the heart

I saw pictures of my friends and family thrown down and turn apart.

This pain I felt was unknown to me

But I knew it derived from the fact that I was lonely.

Nothing in this world could ever fill this space,

The hole in my heart that has grown at a gradual pace.

As I stared down this dark, hollow pass,

I saw shards of broken, red glass.

My mind felt like the leaves that shivered in the wind

And the tunnels I call ears let the breeze all in.

I stood outside to get away from the mess

And sat on the porch to choose a solution that was best.

The summer breeze glided over my face,

But left a message that came at great haste.

It told me that a change in the world was coming suddenly

And that Mother Nature was going to show just how much love she had for me.

Then I smelled the air and could it be,

The one thing that can heal my heart and set it free.

I felt something hit me and I knew it came.

The one thing that could stop my pain, The Rain.

-C. Davis

The Most Known Unknown by C. Davis

“Who are you, guy in the mirror?

Are you a dream or just an imagined figure?

You’ve changed since the first time we met,

When I hadn’t quite stopped sucking my finger yet.

You inspired me and told me I could do better,

But then I’d laugh at you and yell “Never!”

Back then I only thought life was only about fun and games,

But as I grew older life was never the same.

How to get good grades was the story’s plot.

Meanwhile becoming of the age was twisting it a lot.

Girls, good grades, and peer pressure were all in the mix

Of how to become a better person and not to fall for dumb tricks.

Then again you were there to see it from the start.

But instead of helping me out, you ruined my work of art.

Don’t get me wrong you made school much more interesting.

But living both lives made me realize my life needed a lot more fixing.

You’re sly and sneaky, which wasn’t great,

So let me tell you of the plans I’m about to make.

You’re getting locked up and will be placed in a crate.

Stuck forever in time never to be released by the hands of fate.

You see, this is my life, my world, my time and place.

And whatever problems I encounter will be dealt with face to face.

They say wisdom comes as you age with grace.

So I guess this is where it grows and in turn takes your place.

Bye-bye my friend I guess I won’t ever see you again

Because after I turn this page my new life without you will begin.”

– C. Davis