And the New Member of Vivid Visions is…

Today is a special interview because you heard it first from Doc’s Castle Media. It’s an exclusive interview with Vivid Visions’ newest member Janai! She’s joined in with Vivid Visions as the honorary host for their popular vlog interviews on their blog site. R. Chance will be resigning from the position to focus more on business and web posting asset of the Vivid Visions site. We’ll surely miss him but don’t be too down in the dumps. With Janai’s electrifying attitude, she’ll be sure to spice up the interviews to ensure that viewers enjoy what they’re hearing. I can’t wait.

In our interview, Janai and I discussed her feelings towards being chosen as the host for Vivid Visions, who’s her favorite artist in Baltimore, what school she went to, and who’s her inspiration to do what she loves. I really loved chatting it up with her, and I look forward to talking with her in the future as host of the Vivid Visions. She’s definitely someone to watch.


Doc: I’m hearing that you’re the new host for the Vivid Visions Vlogs. How do you feel about being addressed with that honor?

Janai: …Just as it is. It’s an honor! I mean, it’s an up and coming blog, and we’re trying to put Baltimore on the map. You know how it is music wise. We’re trying to help the artists. Also, it’s dealing with things that I love. It’s definitely an honor. Hopefully, we do it the right way and we do it BIG.

Doc: Yes, we need that, too. So how did it really come about? Did you ask Ryan if you could be the host?

Janai: No, actually. (Laughs) Well, me and Ryan have been friends and known each other for a long time. He asked me before but I was doing other things, like something similar. So at the time, I was just like “nah!” (Laughs)

Doc: (Laughs)

Janai: But it came up again, and I was like “You know what; I think it’s a bit more structured now. I think we can definitely make some stuff happen.”

Doc: Okay! Do you have prior hosting experience?

Janai: In this aspect, a little bit. If anybody knows me, they know that I’m a talker.

Doc: I can see that. (Laughs)

Janai: (Laughs) I guess it’s just in me. So I could be hosting and not be hosting. I hosted certain shows like maybe a poetry slam and poetry night. But as far as blogging, nah! So this is a new thing for me.

Doc: This should be an experience for you then.

Janai: Yeah.

Doc: Have you been interviewed as a feature on another blog or is this your first time being interviewed?

Janai:  Yes, this is my first time being interviewed. I did an interlude for Vivid Visions before, and it was just something random. We were in the store and I was being my goofy self. (Laughs) It just so happened that they posted it that way. As far as being interviewed, no.  Not for another blog.

Doc: Oh cool! Is there anyone in particular that you look forward to interviewing?

Janai: Yeah…but they’ve already been interviewed.

Doc: Who?

Janai: Will!

Doc: Oh yeah!

Janai: Ryan definitely stole that from me. If it was anybody I wanted to interview, it would definitely be Will.

Doc: Later on, when he puts out another mixtape or when he gets really big, you could still interview him. You’ll always have the opportunity.

Janai: You’re right. There’s also this kid. I’m really, really close with him. He’s a young guy by the age of 16. His name is Tres’ McMichael. He does everything. He does art. He does dancing. He’s an actor and a singer. Everything! I really want to get cracking with him.

Doc: Oh yeah, he might want to submit to me or something. (Laughs)

Janai: I’m trying to put him out there. (Laughs)


Doc: So do you have a favorite artist in Baltimore, someone who you really support?

Janai: Oooh. In Baltimore? …Will. Yes, Will and Kaseo because I’ve seen where they’ve come from to where they are now. They’ve definitely grown with their craft.

Doc: And they seem to be real persistent in what they do.

Janai: They really, really are. It’s crazy to look at people who you know and be like, “Since when did you rap?” “When did you do these things?”

Doc: You went to Milford?

Janai: No.

Doc: Oh, you didn’t because you know a lot of people from there? (Laughs) I know Will went to Milford.

Janai: I know basically all of Milford’s class of 2009 and 2010. I went to Old Court Middle School, and then I moved to Pennsylvania right after so that’s how I know everybody. Also, you know how Baltimore be, when you know somebody, you know somebody else. (Laughs)

Doc: Right! (Laughs) So where are you hoping this Vivid Visions opportunity takes you?

Janai:  I’m hoping that it opens doors for a lot of dreams that I have. I’m hoping that it is an outlet to a much bigger success for all of us. This is not just a blog. We’re a family. This is a community that we’re trying to build. So it’s a bigger picture that we’re all holding on to. I know a lot of people who are looking like, “Oh, they’re just featuring a lot of artists.” We’re really trying to tap in, and bring unity and support to a lot of talented people. Baltimore has enough strife and conflict. We just want to put the unity out there; put the love back out there.

Doc: I feel you. That’s what it needs to be in this city. Is there anyone in the industry that inspires you to do what you want to do already, like La-La Anthony? You know she started off just hosting.

Janai: Yeah, she sure did. You know what, that’s a good example. Actually now, Queen Latifah mainly because she started off rapping. Then she went into acting. She’s a wonderful actress. She’s a singer, and now she has her own talk show. She’s very influential. She’s breaking down a lot of barriers. She also worked for Cover Girl. She’s really well-known. She’s very inspirational to a lot of younger women. It’s not about what people see on the outside. But as far as what she is and what she stands for, she’s awesome.

Doc: I agree with you because she’s not doing one thing anymore. I feel like she kind of matured. She started off with rapping and then was like, “You know I’m a bit too old to be doing this. Let me find out what else I can do.”

Janai: Yeah. I see a lot of her in me. A lot of people don’t expect you to be a certain way. A lot of people expect me to be goofy and silly, which I am. (Laughs) But it’s also so many different sides of me that I’m pretty sure people are going to be surprised to see once we get out there and do a lot of things.

Doc: I mean a lot people may already be a little surprised of Vivid Visions already. It’s been a big turnaround.

Janai: It is. It really is, and a lot of people were thinking, “Oh, Vivid Visions, they’re about to do this again.” But it’s much more structured. So a lot of people are tapping in.

Doc: That’s the way it should be.

Janai: Exactly!

Doc: Well, that’s all my questions. Thank you!

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Q & A with Vivid Visions

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the founder of Vivid Visions, Ryan Chance, this week. We had an exchange of interviews, meaning he interviewed me and I interviewed him for our corresponding sites. I’d say it was a very productive night. In my interview with Ryan, we covered Vivid Visions’ start-up, who’s involved with the behind the scenes aspect, what to look forward to from this striving business, and much, much more. I enjoyed the time spent getting to know more about Vivid Visions. Readers can definitely look forward toward a collaboration with this young genius in the near future. In the meantime, please read the Q & A with Ryan Chance below.


Doc: What made you start Vivid Visions? What was your inspiration?

Ryan: Umm, I think what really inspired me was the fact that I’m a fan of art. I’m a huge music fan. I like paintings, and shit like that. I’m just a fan of the culture and a fan of the art. What motivated me was when I actually came up with the idea, I was in Atlantic City, and I think it just hit me one day. I was like ‘You know what? I think I can get a team together that has different types of passions in different arts.’ For me, writing is my passion. George’s passion is photography. Dre is like a graphic designer. So us three, granted off of that, kind of motivated us to come together to bring Vivid Visions.

Doc: What’s your motto you standby or your motivation to continue to do Vivid Visions?

Ryan: Uhh, I don’t think I have a motto. The thing that motivates me is our first go around. The mistakes and the lessons we’ve learned over that process has motivated me to push forward in a new direction. Especially with me being more consistent and I’m just finding new ways to build my confidence because I’m real self-conscious and shit, especially towards my art. So basically going off of that, that whole first run around really gave me the platform of knowing what to do now. I tweeted yesterday, “The only person I’m competing with is the old me.”

Doc: Oh yes, I go by that, too. (Laughs)

Ryan: (Laughs)

Doc: How many members currently are involved with Vivid Visions?

Ryan: Currently, there are four. We’re claiming another one, low-key, and we’re actually looking for another person but we can’t find her right now. Long story short, it was a girl we had before. Her name is Riva and she was going to do interviews for us. She was new to the idea. Her first real interview, she didn’t know what she was doing. But the fact that she did it so naturally was very motivating for me and George to see something like it. We wanted to keep her. But we are still trying to figure out where the hell she is? (Laughs)

Doc: (Laughs)

Ryan: Right now, as far as what you see, there are four; myself, George, Danielle, and Dre. Of course for me, I do all the blogging. I pretty much post everything that’s on the site. Everyone else is kind of behind the scenes. But I try to give them as much credit as possible. So even if you don’t see them on any of the interviews or stuff like that, this is George, Danielle, Dre, and me. This is Vivid Visions.

Doc: Cool. So how did y’all actually round-up the team? Y’all were just talking one day?

Ryan: See the first go round wasn’t smart. Mainly, we were in Atlantic City. The first two people I actually contacted were George and a girl named Destiny, a graphic artist, as well. It was going to be those two. But then Dre got into graphic design. He went to school for that online. I was like, “Okay, let’s bring him on. It’s going to be the four of us.” Look how it is now. Then I was talking to a few friends. They were trying to join and I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. But it didn’t work. Of course, this time around, the only person I was really thinking about continuing with was George. But I saw a lot of stuff that Dre did and I liked it. Danielle, she’s my best friend away from this. She wanted to get into management so I told her just work with us so she’ll have that experience. That takes pressure from me for handling business. I won’t have to worry about having to get business cards or handling certain emails. I have her. This time around I’m building with whoever makes sense. The first time, everyone didn’t click that much.

Doc: Okay, so that goes into my next question. Did y’all have any disputes that caused y’all to break up?

Ryan: I wouldn’t say disputes. I feel like it was just the vibes. When you put certain people in a room together and you experiment, you start to see who can vibe off of whom. There were different personalities of six or seven different people. (Chuckles) It can get a little funny. I don’t think we had any disputes. Shit, we don’t have disputes now. We have slight disagreements but they’re smart disagreements. Somebody might have a better idea for how to do something. There might be times where George might have an idea and I’m like, “Nah, I’m just gonna run with this,” or he might have an idea and he’ll run with his idea. But it brings out the best of us.

Doc: Okay, I’m aware that Vivid Visions’ downfall in 2013 may have been inconsistency with updating the site on a frequent basis. What is your plan to help the team stay motivated?

Ryan: I think the motivation is the love for the art. I love writing and interviewing. I’m still learning the camera process but it’s the motivation of doing what you love. Everybody has their individual art. For the sake of their art, on their portion (of Vivid Visions), and if they really love what they do, they’ll stay motivated.

Doc: So you’re going to keep in touch with them? Are you going to have a weekly meeting?

Ryan: I text them almost like every night. (Laughs)

Doc: I know that’s right. I stay on point with my people, too.

Ryan: Yeah, every other day, I come across new stuff. I might have new ideas, they might have new ideas, or we may have something planned.  They might send me a text like, “Yo, we still on for this time?” “Are we doing this?” “Are we doing that?” They make sure I stay on point with the business aspect as much as I stay on point with the creative aspect, even though some days it might get on my nerves.

Doc: I’m aware that you’re open to collabs with artist of all types and genre. But are you open to collaborations with other bloggers?

Ryan: Yup. Definitely, I’m willing to collaborate with other bloggers. It shows that within a city, as much as we put into our blogs individually, we support each other and build bigger for the artist. If we do things like that, we’ll have different ideas and we all have different approaches. Like our blog is more digital, and still has that print/journalistic feel while yours has a print/journalism approach to it. Briana (of RebelliousRebel), she has a real fashionable idea. When you have that, there is a good balance. Using the different approaches that we have, it can turn out to be something great.  I do feel music wise, or in general, there is a lack of support in Baltimore. If we all supported each other and became aware that there is competition, it steps up the level of content. So for me, yeah, I’m always down.

Doc: Do you have any ideas of how you will work with others yet?

Ryan: Nah, I really haven’t thought about the ideas. I do have a few people in mind, like Doc’s, Briana’s RebelliousRebel, or Patisdope out in DC. I would definitely love to meet him (referring to Patisdope).  Nah, I really haven’t had any ideas. I’ve just been focused on Vivid Visions, and trying to build our brand some more.  We’ve been doing very well leading up to the relaunch, along with the relaunch, too. The support has definitely been great. I’m going to start to develop some ideas.

Doc: Great. Where do you see Vivid Visions going? What’s the ultimate goal for your site?

Ryan: The goal is to make sure that each artist, no matter which genre of art, knows that Vivid Visions is one of the go to blogs for support. We want them to know that we support our artist. Or course we have our own agenda on the side to be on a higher level. But mainly, our agenda is supporting the arts. We have a lot of talent in the city, or in the state, rather. It all comes down to the support. Like you see Los Angeles with the whole Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Nipsey Hussel, they have a system that supports each other. They’re friends. That’s what makes that city well-known now. Musically, it’s kind of a takeover. We have southern states, New York, and we have a few people who have their disputes and whatnot. But you know those areas for sure! In Maryland, we could be very great. There are a lot of talented people here.

Doc: Yeah, it could be the same or even greater.

Ryan: Yeah, even greater. It’s a lot of talented people. Our agenda is to make sure that the artist gets their shine and as we show them support, we expect them to do us the same.

Doc: Yeah, that’s how I am, too. Lastly, how do people contact you for exposure or a feature?

Ryan: Honestly, I go looking for it. Social media has been a big help so far; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I’ll see someone retweet other people’s music and I’ll usually check it out. If it’s good, we post it and keep in contact with them. Outside of that, for music submissions, they can contact me at Or for interviews and other business inquiries, they can contact Danielle, our manager, at

Doc: Alright, thank you! That’s wonderful and concludes this interview.

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