When Did George Zimmerman Become A Celebrity?

So there’s news circulating about George Zimmerman fighting in the celebrity boxing match. It’s purpose is to raise money for him and possibly unmentioned causes. I’m assuming those causes benefits George Zimmerman, as well. There’s been some talk about which celebrity will be facing Zimmerman for these past two weeks. Names like The Game and Kanye West have been mentioned to fight this teenager killer. But supposedly the celebrity chosen to fight Zimmerman is rapper DMX. What has this world come to?


DMX is 43 years old while Zimmerman is 30, and a trained fighter. Who do you believe will win that match? DMX was chosen out of a pool of 15,000 applicants because he’s shown that he wants to fight Zimmerman the most. It’s mentioned in TMZ that he has expressed he’ll be breaking all boxing match rules, including urinating in Zimmerman’s face, to beat him. That’s extreme. He’s fighting for “all black people that have been done wrong by the judicial system.”

There are so many mistakes with this boxing match happening. There has to be a logical reason to persuade DMX to not go through with it. Even if we can’t persuade him to not go through with it, there’s reason for Americans to not not watch the match because it’s pure ignorance. So I’ve taken time to list the reasons.

  1. Please tell me why it’s a black man that’s fighting George Zimmerman?
  2. Wasn’t this man recently in court for murdering a black teenager? Though Zimmerman didn’t start his request to fight a celebrity as a racial one, it will become a racial issue if DMX gets his ass beat. It’s already becoming that if black folks are starting to believe this is their justice for Travon Martin. I can guess what the average black american is already thinking. DMX black ass is going to show Zimmerman what he deserves. Excuse me, but I recall Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday being 3 weeks ago, and we’re in the mist of Black History Month. Damon Feldman, promoter of the boxing match, shouldn’t be going through with this at all. It’ll be more turmoil on Zimmerman in the end.

  3. So who exactly are we supporting to raise money for?
  4. Since Zimmerman was the one to call on this beat down, wouldn’t you say it’s effed up that we’re choosing to support whatever this man is proposing after he was said not guilty for killing a 17 year old boy? By watching this boxing match you’re doing exactly that. He was in two altercations after the Travon Martin case that regarded his violent behavior between his wife and family. This man does not deserve money or people watching him fight at all. He has issues with keeping his hands off people.

  5. If we watch celebrity boxing match, are we agreeing that George Zimmerman is a celebrity?
  6. If killing a 17 year old black boy is a standard to becoming a celebrity with praise in American, this country has some serious problems. This man murdered someone and now he’s featured on news sites like TMZ, VH1, and MTV. I can’t even get a story on those media outlets and I haven’t killed anyone. His treatment in society is unfair just like his case ruling. It’s ridiculous. I can’t see how America is a great place to be when we still have some issues with racism and the judicial system. Zimmerman is not a celebrity in my eyes. He’s been nothing but a criminal. He does not deserve my approval to be on my television screen for pure entertainment. So he will not be on my screen.

There are efforts to stopping this mess because what’s happening can cause a huge problem in America. Posted as news in Philadelphia Magazine, there’s a petition authorized by the White House to stop this celebrity boxing match from happening. If the petition gets 100,000 signatures, the white house will have to take action in stopping this match.

I encourage the Doc’s Castle Media readers to stop what they’re doing to sign this petition against Damon Feldman and George Zimmerman on the WhiteHouse.gov. There are currently 22,000 signatures. Lets take a stand to stop racial tensions in America.