New Winter Releases: Year of the Serpent / LSD

December and January seems to be the month of new releases from a few of Doc’s Castle Media’s favorite artist. Just like many of you, we’ve anticipated some new jams for a while. We’re glad to be first to tell you about what’s to come from two previously featured indie artist. Make sure you download these tunes to add to your collection.

Flu_x’s Year of the Serpent (December 3rd)


Last time we heard from Mr. Flu_x was with his release of single “End of the World”, December 21, 2012. Now he’s back with Year of the Serpent, a CD full of  new age soul for each listener to groove to. December 3rd was its release date and I’ve already had the pleasure of listening to this tape a shot of a million times. If you enjoy a mixture of a bit of R&B, House and Rap, you are sure to enjoy a bit of this mixtape. It has everything put into one. Twenty-eight tracks you’ll be sure to bump in your car to any destination. Obviously, I’m listening to it while I’m stuck in traffic and walking to class. You can definitely find time to listen to it, too. Make sure you take a listen and download Year of the Serpent.

Zxggy LSD (January 31st)


Since the release of his mixtape, The Party, Doc’s Castle Media has waited for what’s next from Zxggy. He’s finally clued us in. On January 31, 2014, Zxggy will start the new year with his new tape LSD. If the tape is anything like his last, we know we’ll hear different styles coming together to get us up out of seats and ready to “Turn Up.” We hope LSD will do the same in wakening the soul for a celebration we’ve all wished for. Join the countdown for LSD coming in January 2014. Download it here!

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Chapter 5: The Dreamscape

This feeling is scary and enticing, is it not?

Choosing a path filled with endless possibilities and failure ready to take your spot.

Now the first order of business is to flush this empty canvas.

Waves of cerulean rushed from the soles of my feet becoming an ocean deep and enormous.

I gathered clumps of the present blue and threw it into the air.

It merged with the white sky and the dark hue slowly disappears.

I stand at the epicenter of my world beneath the serenity of my sky.

Telepathically resurrected a land where my feet can rest and in turn a place where my head can lie.

I was beginning to get tired and found a position that was right.

The sky, closely watching my eyes, reflected my feelings and turned day into night.

I awoke to the gleaming light of the sun climbing over the horizon.

It warmed my skin and fueled the bulb that contained today’s new conception.

I decided to bend and forge a new ground beneath me.

Erected a small, spiked spire and reduced it into sand then merged it with the sea.

From that point on, I was unable to concentrate the creativity that flows out of me endlessly.

So I began to meditate, reciting mantras, in order to communicate with a higher being spiritually.

My eyes proceeded to open up slowly and my physical form rested in front of me.

And there I witnessed vines and roots emerge from the ground and proceed to ensnare my body.

The roots elevated above me and intertwined themselves to form a gigantic tree.

The vines gave birth to an Eden that bloomed with colorful, multi-pedaled lotuses for all to see.

It was evident that my physical form, filled with knowledge, provided nutrients for these organic beings.

Roots sifted through each artery and vein until they reached my core continuing the inner hollowing.

My body was soon to undergo another metamorphosis.

And I reminisce how I’d changed from beast to monster then reduced to a man with life as the catalyst.

Suddenly my spirit inquired about the development of a new host.

It needed to be hardened by experience and able to turn failures into transparent ghosts.

Slowly I receded into the nutrient-rich earth ready for body and spirit to become one.

The unification had been completed and a new installment of my dream had begun.

Gaia displayed my new body by splitting herself open; A painful C-section.

And the villagers, comprised of plants and animals, raised my body in celebration.

I initially stepped onto this earth with same means as all humans; to change it.

But I learned to do that which others couldn’t do which was to love and respect it.

My new purpose is to constantly rebuild every aspect that exists.

Expanding my dreams to the farthest of corners of my mind no matter what obstacles subsist.

Hopefully the dreams will live vicariously through the lives of my next generation.

For the possibilities present in the dreamscape are never ending.

-C. Davis

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The Music Highlight: Raw Skinny “Fed Up”

Bringing it back to Baltimore this week, I have a local musician that I wanted to write about due to the fact that he’s such a supporter for Doc’s Castle Media, as well. I’m writing this blog for one of Baltimore’s very own artist, Raw Skinny.


Raw Skinny aka Frankie Grimes is a multi-talented musician from the city of Baltimore, Maryland. His career began in 2010 with the release of his mixtape Boiler Room. By using various samples from the 2000’s film Boiler Room with a combination of his own recordings, he was able to create a cinematic feel within his music. Later that year, he was a featured artist on a compilation mixtape with Baltimore rap collective, Black$taff24/7. The tape was called “We Own the Night.”  Although he was not featured on a majority of the mixtape, he was able to solidify his place as a core member of the group. In 2011, he released his second project, “Dirty Sock Money.” The mixtape was extremely popular, generating thousands of views on the popular mixtape hosting site Datpiff. “Dirty Sock Money” became the subject of many reviews and postings throughout 2011’s summer season. In June of the following year, Raw Skinny released “Black$taff24/7 Presents…The Blackey Bulger Tape” hosted by DJ Black Wizard on hot16radio.  For “Black$taff24/7 Presents…The Blackey Bulger Tape,” he returned to the formula of blending movie samples with his own recordings, something he clearly enjoys doing and is very good at, and again, generated thousands of views on Datpiff, as well as his SoundCloud page. On April 20, 2013, Raw Skinny released his newest project “The V.R.G Collection Vol.1: WAKEDAFUCUP,” which was submitted to Doc’s Castle Media for viewers to take a listen. (Download it here) Take a listen to “Fed Up” from the mixtape below.

Raw skinny is a rare and unique artist that needs the opportunity to share his views to the world and I believe that’s why he chose to send me a submission for you all to see. From recording to producing, performing, hosting, promoting, marketing, graphic design, and engineering, he has a wealth of talent to spread through where he potentially wants to make it, a way to making it mainstream. I’m sure he’ll get there as he continues his journey. But in the meantime support, support, support our follow Baltimore Dreamer.

If your interested in hearing more from Raw Skinny, check out his work on his blog, Skinny’s Life, follow him on Twitter at @rawskinny410 and check out his YouTube under RawSkinny410.

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Welcoming C. Davis of Team C.R.E.A.T.E to Doc’s Castle Media

C. Davis

Let me introduce you to Mr. Team C.R.E.A.T.E. himself, C. Davis, best know as Christopher Davis.

Now, Team C.R.E.A.T.E. was created in 2010, specializing in promoting an artistic movement between young folk such as poets, photographers, and other artistic forms that we commonly dabble in. As for myself, that art form would be writing. As for you, that could be any other form that best fits.  But you catch my drift.

On Team C.R.E.A.T.E.’s Tumblr Page, you’ll find poetry from people of New York, New York and Baltimore, Maryland. You might even find a bit of short stories and a few comical pictures, but Team C.R.E.A.T.E. displays nothing but what we commonly know that goes on within a young adult’s mind. C. Davis is the founder of the page and he wants to bring a little of his creativity to Doc’s Castle Media. So who am I to not accept that offer?

If you haven’t read any of this young poets work, your missing out on some good talent. He gives us quite a vivid image through his creative works. Maybe a few of you will relate to his experiences he puts into his poems. But hey, I don’t know about you, but before this guy came around, I haven’t found many people with the interest of even writing poetry. I felt why not push this writers movement. So here I am working to promote Team C.R.E.A.T.E.’s primary message right along with him, Constantly Rebuild Every Aspect That Exist (CREATE).

Look out for a few entries by C. Davis in these up coming weeks. Make sure that you share and relate. Doc’s Castle Media is honored to have him be apart of the team.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to Doc’s Castle Media, like C. Davis, click here. Make sure you take the moment to also like the Team C.R.E.A.T.E.’s Facebook Page.

Read C. Davis first entry, The Most Known Unknown.