Chapter 4: Becoming A Man

Every night since the forthcoming of my metamorphic change

Success seems to continuously linger outside of my range.

And as daunting to me as this occurrence may seem,

My subconscious also continues to recreate for me the same sequences of a dream.

I, a lone wolf, tired and ragged, stumble upon a colony full of sheep.

I bare my fangs at my prey but what I really want to do is sleep.

I’m seated at a table with an umbrella to keep me out of the sun.

I sip my water with my head down for I was on the run.

Immediately I’m approached by a sheriff with his revolver pointed and holstered by his hand.

He calmly sits down in front of me and asks “What are your aspirations? Any future plans?”

At that moment I awake with my t-shirt soaked from a rush of cold sweat.

As if the message was that the art running away was the same as welcoming my death.

Sunlight pierced through my blinds screaming rise and shine.

No more incessant rolling around, time to get up and grind.

I packed my things and prepared for my life long journey.

Carry the memories of my loved ones so I won’t be so lonely.

The first step was hard; I hesitated when it came time to touch the pavement.

The second step was worst; the asphalt started to reflect the heat filling me with resentment.

And the journey begins forever etching my footprint into the Earth.

Now it’s on to prove to myself, ultimately, my worth.

Left, right, left, right; watch the young trooper remain focused on his march.

Soon hours turn to days and the journey slowly removes my foot’s natural arch.

Time for a pit stop for I am hungry and tired from enduring life’s test.

Served encouraging thoughts on a warm plate in order to induce a serene meditative rest.

Suddenly I jump up bloodshot eyed for my slumber didn’t go as predicted.

I’m forced to rise with the moon and the sun for there is no rest for the wicked.

Days have turned to months and I no longer want this adventure to be over.

I smile at the coming times where I will indulge on the moments of getting older.

I’ve met others who like me have gone on a search for self glory.

Each person I encountered offered pieces of themselves and shared their story.

Those tales helped strengthen my resolve and thrust me forward.

Maybe in the future I’ll bear witness to the delicious fruits grown in my orchard.

Years have passed and look at how far I have come.

Strong willed and goal driven. I’m proud of the man I’ve become.

My eyes have sharpened to the point where I can clearly see the road ahead of me.

It was plagued by the encounter of another road perpendicular to itself creating a large T.

I walked to the center of the road and pulled out my flashlight.

The light revealed two possible futures when shined from left to right.

Riddled with conflicting choices, I closed my eyes for a possible solution.

I dropped the flashlight and proceeded to engage a revolution.

My mind’s eye was soon blinded by what seemed to be an array of spectral beams.

Follow me as I create my own path within my lucid dreams.

-C. Davis

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The Rain by C. Davis

A sharp pain just pierced my chest.

I don’t feel the warmth of blood pouring from my breast.

My body hadn’t changed and my persona didn’t differ

So I close my eyes to get a better picture.

In the little red room they call the heart

I saw pictures of my friends and family thrown down and turn apart.

This pain I felt was unknown to me

But I knew it derived from the fact that I was lonely.

Nothing in this world could ever fill this space,

The hole in my heart that has grown at a gradual pace.

As I stared down this dark, hollow pass,

I saw shards of broken, red glass.

My mind felt like the leaves that shivered in the wind

And the tunnels I call ears let the breeze all in.

I stood outside to get away from the mess

And sat on the porch to choose a solution that was best.

The summer breeze glided over my face,

But left a message that came at great haste.

It told me that a change in the world was coming suddenly

And that Mother Nature was going to show just how much love she had for me.

Then I smelled the air and could it be,

The one thing that can heal my heart and set it free.

I felt something hit me and I knew it came.

The one thing that could stop my pain, The Rain.

-C. Davis

The Most Known Unknown by C. Davis

“Who are you, guy in the mirror?

Are you a dream or just an imagined figure?

You’ve changed since the first time we met,

When I hadn’t quite stopped sucking my finger yet.

You inspired me and told me I could do better,

But then I’d laugh at you and yell “Never!”

Back then I only thought life was only about fun and games,

But as I grew older life was never the same.

How to get good grades was the story’s plot.

Meanwhile becoming of the age was twisting it a lot.

Girls, good grades, and peer pressure were all in the mix

Of how to become a better person and not to fall for dumb tricks.

Then again you were there to see it from the start.

But instead of helping me out, you ruined my work of art.

Don’t get me wrong you made school much more interesting.

But living both lives made me realize my life needed a lot more fixing.

You’re sly and sneaky, which wasn’t great,

So let me tell you of the plans I’m about to make.

You’re getting locked up and will be placed in a crate.

Stuck forever in time never to be released by the hands of fate.

You see, this is my life, my world, my time and place.

And whatever problems I encounter will be dealt with face to face.

They say wisdom comes as you age with grace.

So I guess this is where it grows and in turn takes your place.

Bye-bye my friend I guess I won’t ever see you again

Because after I turn this page my new life without you will begin.”

– C. Davis

Everyone, Say Hello to K.A. Walker!

Doc’s Castle Media would like to take a moment out to introduce a new writer in our community. Please take a look at our newest contributor Ms. K.A. Walker, also known as Kendyl Walker, author of children’s book What’s So Hard About Sharing! She will be joining us throughout the summer to give us some awesome articles about new books and movies coming out this summer 2012.

Kendyl Walker isn’t your average around-the-way teen. Her inspiration can speak for itself through all of her accomplishments that she has greatly achieved within the past 5 years of her life. Just at the age of 17, Kendyl has written 3 books and has published one. That shouldn’t be a surprise to all of Kendyl’s closest friends and relatives because she is inspired to be a successful author someday soon.

Kendyl has also spent her time dabbling in other affairs such as business. In 2008 at the 1st Annual She Matters Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland, Kendyl won the Entrepreneurship Spirit Award at the early age of 13. Currently, she attends Milford Mill Academy studying a track in business with an outstanding grade point average that every future college student wants. She will also be getting herself prepared to become a Microsoft Office Specialist.

This creative, imaginative, able, dedicated, generous, and intelligent teenage girl will stop at nothing to do what she has to do to carry out her dreams. But if times get rough on the way, she doesn’t hesitate to say “It is what it is” and moves on to doing what’s best for her to move forward. Let the world be her playground as we all watch Kendyl do her thing.

Joining us at Doc’s Castle Media, let us all welcome K.A. Walker!