What’s the Right Prepaid Debit Card for Me?

Today, I want to take the time out to highlight electronic money $$$! I recently saw an article in the Baltimore Sun Newspaper this Sunday called Be Wary of Fees with Prepaid Debit Cards by Eileen Ambrose that was very informative. It’s important to talk about the subject of prepaid debit cards, especially to those college students out there looking for ways of keeping track of their money.

Prepaid Debit Cards

To the college students, I feel your pain! I’m a full-time student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications with two jobs, still have time to blog, and find time to intern for a small business as well. Money is very important for all of us because we want so many things or want to do so many things. That is why we must save, save, save! I’m looking for a prepaid card to put my money on so I won’t have to swipe my debit card everywhere. I really don’t want to apply for a credit card, either. I recommend people read Ambrose’s article.

Prepaid debit cards often come with monthly fees, withdrawal fees and other stressful money issues that various people who do not own prepaid cards are aware of. I recommend people to research what prepaid card is best for them before going out and getting any card. I may have a few people reading this blog who are familiar with the Russell Simmons’ Rush Card, usually advertised on BET and other music video channels. I named this card in particular because its one of the few prepaid cards that I know of rather than my school’s ID card and my jobs Total card, which deposits money from your paycheck directly to the card on payday. I think college students should have choices, wider ranges of prepaid debit cards to choose from when pondering a decision such as getting a credit card. Instead of sending us credit card applications in the mail, how about applying mailing list within companies that will send out more pamphlets about investing in a prepaid card? That’s something useful for us!

Russell Simmons Rush Card

In Be Wary of Fees with Prepaid Debit Cards, it gives a worthy and informative website to run to for help with our prepaid card research, Nerd Wallet, which compares more than 60 prepaid cards. “The website allows you to plug in how you expect to use the plastic— such as number of monthly ATM withdrawals, bill payments and balance inquires— and then lists the least expensive cards for you.” That’s a good tool to have! Check it out, here.

Hope this was helpful to all those researchers. I know there are plenty of other ways people save money. Leave a comment telling us of all the best ways you save your money. Is it better having a prepaid debit card or a checkings account?

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